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    What does it mean when someone is "following" you?

    I'm pretty sure that when some one is following you it means that they are interested in what you have to say. So whenever you post something they are alerted and can read what you posted. I follow several people, groups, etc on facebook because I enjoy reading what they have to say. I really...
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    Puzzle Mat Flooring

    I've never had that happen. I leave the mats down all the time and cut them to make a snug fit against the walls. They do however "stretch" over time and I have to re-trim the edges to get a snug fit.
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    Puzzle Mat Flooring

    The mats are just a hair over 1/2" thick. I have used them on concrete, tile and wooden floors. I feel that the thickness is more than adequate for high impact work. I have tried thicker mats but they seemed too bouncy. Because my mats get a lot of usage I replace them every 18 to 24 months. I...
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    Puzzle Mat Flooring

    I buy my puzzle mats from Sam's Club. 34 square feet costs around $22.00. I have used these mats for more than 15 years. They work great. I replace them every couple of years. I am a personal trainer and see clients in my home gym so the mats get a lot of use.
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    Headaches after working out?

    If you are getting the headaches post-lifting they could be from neck and/or shoulder tension. Focus on your body alignment - are your shoulders hunched up? are you pushing your head in to the bench during presses or flyes? is your neck in a natural alignment during bent over rows? We often...
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    new Step Boss

    Sad that those of us who own ALL of Cathe's workouts have to pay for shipping.
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    Strong by Zumba

    I ordered this last week. It was supposed to arrive today. Just got a notice from Amazon that it was delayed until May 11th. Really excited to try out this DVD.
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    Less "slide and glide" cardio moves. I have rubber matting in my workout space so I mostly stutter and stick!
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    prAna clothing?

    Does anyone have any experience with ordering from prAna? They offer a program for certified fitness instructors that gives you up to a 50% discount off of their full retail prices. I am very tempted, but really have never heard of the company. Any insight would be appreciated, Thanks, Debbie
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    Are they on the truck yet?

    We are the proverbial kids in the candy store, no?
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    Tall & Thin workout clothing?

    Hi Lisa, I am 5'11" and wear a size 6 and have a 35 1/2" inseam. I love Athleta Clothing but it's not in my budget - I find that Old Navy's tall size workout clothing, including tops, fit me. The quality is not that of Athleta but O.N. is tons cheaper. I am loving the new 7/8th style legging...
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    PoundFit Workouts

    Has anybody tried these? I am always skeptical of info-mercial workouts -- but this actually looks like fun. Thanks, Debbie
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    Sprained ankle

    a great re-hab exercise is to "air-write" the alphabet with your foot. "Writing" works the muscles through a complete, non-impact, range-of-motion. If you are so inclined, air-writing a list of "swear words" works too :)
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    Seasun Zieger has passed away

    JMO - but I don't really believe a DUI is a private issue. Anyone, no matter how wonderful they are, who gets a DUI has put my life and the lives of those I love at risk.
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    Working up to Hiit

    40/20 is a great work out to build up your HITT stamina. Next time you do this workout try doing the intervals as 20/40. Watch the counter, either start or finish 20 seconds before Cathe. Once you master 20/40, do 25/35; then 30/30, etc. I use this technique with my clients on a regular basis...