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    Anyone starting XTRAIN?

    I love xtrain, as well, but find it hard to stick to rotations! You could try the shorter premixes if you can't get through the whole video. Another thing about me is that I need longer recovery time. In my 20s, I could workout for a couple of hours daily- but now, I need to listen to my body...
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    I know how you feel, with my first, I did lose about half the weight by the time I came home from the hospital, but after that, it was harder to lose. Once I was able to feel more rested (around 3 months pp) I saw that I was able to focus on harder workouts and the rest came off quickly, within...
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    10 weeks and still SO TIRED!

    thank you Petunia and Jen. You are right, I need to just embrace this and relax a bit. I am going to go easy on myself for the next couple of weeks and see if I get my energy back. and congrats Jen on your 3rd! :)
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    children's whole food multivitamin or green food?

    I give my daughter Dr. Furhman's pixie vites, they are a bit expensive but just giver her the minimum, just to cover the basics. there is no vitamin A or folic acid, no iron. There is extra vit D. She likes it, we put it in her morning smoothie or soy milk. Some kids eat them just like pixie...
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    home ellipticals...

    Hey Cathe! I love to spin, I taught it for many years before having my first daughter, now between full time job and caring for her, no time to teach anymore. BUT I do remember working it on the bike! DH prefers the elliptical, so that's why we've been going in that direction. But ya...
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    home ellipticals...

    Hi everyone, well I posted last Oct about what elliptical to buy, and we decided to buy a sole. But I have had 2 major! problems with it: a left pedal that clicks constantly (despite having it replaced twice) and my outer foot pain that exacerbated by using the thing (I also have a neuroma...
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    10 weeks and still SO TIRED!

    Hi everyone, I have been a Cathe fan for about 8 years, but I mostly lurk on the forums. :) I am currently pregnant with my second child, and SO tired still! I know its normal to be tired in the first trimester, but I am earnestly trying to workout and I just get so pooped! Like I need to take...
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    advice on getting my almost 6 month old to take naps

    my daughter did the same exact thing when she was 6-9 months old. It was difficult, as soon as I put her down, it felt like she was waking up. and she always cried to wake herself up! however, she was sleeping well through the night, so I couldn't complain too much. she did outgrow this stage...
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    just found out...

    Hi everyone! I just found I am pregnant with my second child. I forget though, is it safe to do abdominal excercises still, I think until the third or fourth month? I want to keep my core strong, last time I had very bad backaches from weak muscles. Thanks in advance!
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    best elliptical?

    thanks everybody! we decided on the sole E35, looks like a good model. We got to test it out at Dicks sporting goods and it sold us. but we are ordering it online direct because it was much more expensive in the sporting store! looking foward to getting it, the days are getting shorter...
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    best elliptical?

    thank you very much! I heard that sears carries Sole now, so I"m going to the store to try it out before we buy.
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    best elliptical?

    We are just starting our search, have heard good things about livestrong brand and sole brand. anyone care to input about the type you have, or have heard good things about? Thanks!
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    I have an odd question

    my ribs actually are wider now! but I still returned to a hourglass shape. however, from the side, I am a bit thicker, even though I am leaner than prepregnancy.