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    BOSS Bands, Loops, DVDs & Downloads Pre-Sale

    Do you have On Demand and Live? Or just live? If both, yes you will have access.
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    Pre-Order Cathe's New Boss Bands, Loops, DVDs & Downloads

    I could be wrong but I thought Cathe mentioned that she was waiting for a shipment from China.
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    What else are you thinking of buying when Boss Bands & Loops presale starts?

    Just wanted to let you know you can’t get free shipping with this bundle. They said due to the weight of the loops and bands they can’t offer this discount.
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    Anyone hoping Cathe announces new workouts soon?

    Not sure if you’re on Facebook but I think she’s giving some previews for possibly a new series There were a few posts with her using bands and asking for suggestions. I’m wondering if she’s going to start selling fabric bands and incorporating them into her workouts. The tagline said good...
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    I love step!!!

    I’m loving Kat Gates-Buettner. Very similar to Cathe. Awesome music! She has workouts for all levels. Basic to advanced. Just like Cathe—once you know her step terms and basic moves, she is easy to follow. She has awesome cuing and slowly builds on each section and then puts it all together at...
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    Choreography of the Step Routines

    On Facebook , she put out free instructional videos to help learn her choreography. Might also be on YouTube.
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    New step advice

    At the gym, they had both. I preferred the newer top.
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    My X10 DVD no longer works. Should I try Ripped with HIIT digital download to replace it? Or a different one?

    I love x10! Not sure if you bought your original from the Cathe website. They have replaced DVDs for me that have had defects. It’s worth a try. They have the best customer service.
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    Does anyone own Body Blast series downloads?

    Not sure about the music, but you might want to check about premixes if you like to use them. I don’t think they come with purchased downloads.
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    ICE Muscle Meltdowns

    I wish she put them on one separate DVD for the Ice Series. I never use them individually. I love how she did it for the Lite series.
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    Giant Sets or Pha 3?

    If you love PHA 2, you will love #3. Great cardio effect with some unique moves.
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    Where to Begin with Cathe

    I started off slowly with a few light hand weights 3, 5 and 8 pounds. Plus I already had a step because I loved step aerobics. I slowly added dumbbells. Now mine go from 2 pounds up to 25 pounds. I then added a barbell since I started doing more strength workouts. And last year I was able to...