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    Is there a difference for boxing workouts?

    I like hand wraps for two reasons 1) they give extra stability and support to the wrists and knuckles while i'm wailing away at a heavy bag and 2) gloves get sweaty and the wraps absorb a little bit of that and extend the amount of time I can get out of a pair before I have to throw them away...
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    Cathe Live: descriptions

    Hi Sandra, The below is what Cathe posted in this forum before the kickbox/compound weight class. "Attention Cathe Live Subscribers: Tomorrow's Thursday Dec 4th class at 9:15am EST will be KICKBOXING AND COMPOUND WEIGHT TRAINING LIVE. You'll do kickboxing (first half), then some heavy bag...
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    Wooo Hooo! who's going to Daytona Beach 2014?!??

    Hey there nervous NC ;) nice to meet you! Trust me, roadtrips are memorable from the moment they begin right up until the moment that we say goodbye! My best advice would be to let go of the nerves and meet as many new friends as you can. Cathe is warm and gracious and you'll feel right at home...
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    Wooo Hooo! who's going to Daytona Beach 2014?!??

    Wow! So many first timers !! Yay! Can't wait to meet every one of you! This is #10 for me :p You are gonna have the time of your lives!! As far as shuttle- I'm going with DOShuttle because they offer door to door service from Orlando to Daytone Beach Resort. You can try them at...
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    Who's Counting Down?!!

    Hi girls! See you there!
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    Who's Counting Down?!!

    So maybe it's just me (okay i'm sure it isn't!) , but between the excitement of the Ripped with HiiT updates and the fact that the roadtrip is only a little over a week away i'm practically bubbling over with anxious energy!! Who else is READY with a capital CATHE? :D
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    Vitamix Vs. Ninja

    I bit the bullet and bought a vitamix a while back. Best investment ever. It blends everything down perfectly smooth and I use it every single day. I don't use the heating feature either (well except for the time that I got distracted and accidentally heated my green smoothie...gak) I have...
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    11 days to big hugs

    YAY!!! :eek: ONLY 11!!!
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    ***runs off to pack*** okay, maybe not quite yet, but SOOOOOON! See you all there ;)
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    Announcing the Grand Opening of Our New On Demand Streaming Video Portal

    I've been streaming the videos on my iPhone without a hitch whether on wi-fi or LTE.
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    Cathe Live Streaming- question for SNM

    Hi SNM, I understand the DVD streaming portion and signed up for onDemand. The DVDs have been streaming beautifully and i'm loving the ability to take the entire Cathe library with me EVERYWHERE! :D As far as the Cathe Live is concerned, where will we go to link into this streaming? Is...
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    Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

    I've had celiac disease for about 2.5 years now. Before being diagnosed I too dealt with alot of the issues (some of which are already mentioned in this thread) - rashes, mouth/lips splitting, severe bloating, illness... list goes on and on. Going gluten free is step one, but just remember that...
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    Curl bar?

    The plates can be used with both as long as you buy a curl bar with the same end diameter as the straight bar you have. Standard bars use the plates with the small holes and Olympic bars use the plates with the larger holes. Just buy whatever fits your current plates :)
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    4 Days To Go

    YAY!!! Smile on and Energy UP UP UP!! :D
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    Chicago Road Trip Full?

    Hi there :) you can still hop onto the signup page and grab a spot! Come! It's gonna be a blast!