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    Just like the song Timber says....

    I hope we get to square dance to that again! LOVED it in Chicago!
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    Who's in for Chicago?

    I'm in! Is it April yet???
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    Questions for Cathe

    Hi Cathe! I don't have a question. Just wanted to thank you for XTrain and all you do for us to keep us fit and strong!! Have a good day, Bev
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    Which XTRAIN workout will u do first?

    Cardio Leg Blast for me!!!
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    Any Cathletes in SC?

    I'm in Fort Mill which is just outside of Charlotte. I would love to find a fellow Cathlete near me!!!
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    Attention RT'ers

    As some of you may know, there are several Cathletes that are currently struggling with or recovering from cancer and some have asked how we could pay tribute to those courageous women during the RT. Since we want to honor all of our fellow Cathletes or their family member that could be...
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    RT Dread...normal?!

    To all you first time RT'ers: I've been reading your posts and I felt exactly the same way before my first RT so please don't think that you're crazy because you're having these feelings! But believe me, the minute everything starts, your fears will go away and you will have a blast. And...
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    20 Years!

    Hi Kim, Just wanted to tell you that Cathe will put you completely at ease when you meet her for the first time so don't be nervous and I'm looking forward to meeting you on the RT!!!! Bev
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    5 weeks away ....

    Brenda, Please don't be nervous!! The minute you start to meet the other Cathletes, you will wonder what you were nervous about. Everyone on these trips is extremely friendly and you will be so happy that you did it. The time just flies by so just keep reminding yourself to stay in the...
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    5 weeks away ....

    We need to start a countdown!!!
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    Important question for experienced Cathletes and Roadtrippers

    Hi Kate, I'm sure you will get other replies to your question before the RT this week but I wanted to ease your mind as quickly as possible. Do not worry for another second!!!! You will see all levels of Cathletes at the RT and the minute we do the first workout, you will breathe a sigh of...
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    Count Down - Front and Center

    Just ordered our park passes. The days will fly by now!!!!
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    Yippeeeee!!!! Four weeks from today we will be on the road driving south. Can't wait to see everyone again. I wonder if Mickey knows what he has in store for him??? He's never had all these Cathletes in his park before.
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    Who's bringing kids to Disney?

    Cathe, I'm so glad that Liz will be joining us in Disney! I worked out next to her in Daytona and she was one of the first people that I met and she was so sweet. It made the whole RT even more special for me. Can't wait to see her again!!!
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    Count Down - Front and Center

    Audition question Hi Cathe, I was just wondering what the format of the audition would be? Will it be an actual class with you or will it be done individually?