You Can Do It!!!


I submitted my transformation story yesterday after I stepped on stage for the first time in a figure competition. I can't believe that my story was posted!!!! I'm so happy. But, I just want to be the person that says to those out there how think it can't be done- YES IT CAN!!!! I'm living proof and there are so many others on this site that can say the same! Determination is a MUST! Consistancy is a MUST! You must do something every single day to make it happen. Eating clean and working out with weights is a MUST if you want to transform your shape. There is NO magic pill or lotion! Hard work will do it every time! Make up your mind and decide today that YOU ARE WORTH IT! Make time for your workouts. I schedule them into my week as an appointment so I know I can't miss it! Before I went to the gym I worked out at home at 4:15 am just because I knew that if it didn't get done in the morning I wouldn't do it after work. I'm one of the busiest people I know so I know if I can squeeze in time to workout, anyone can!
Make a commitment today to get in better shape, start eating healthy and live a great life! You deserve it! (You can see my transformation under Success Stories - Total Transformation by Terri Jennings)
I am so proud of YOU!! :D It is all about taking care of yourself. And working moms must make time or nobody else will do it for you.

I am five weeks out from competition. People think I am a little insane because I tote all of my meals around and eat extremely healthy. To me, it's a lifestyle that I love. I have never felt better or more alive. Plus, I feel more confident and outgoing. And yes, I do get up at 4 in the morning to workout!! and I love it. Guess what, Nobody's at the gym that time either, so it's all mine.:eek:

Yes, You can do it!!

Just want to say congratulations on your determination and commitment! You are so right. You MUST stay focused, you MUST do something almost every day, and I firmly believe diet is 80% of the formula!

I find myself doing good in both, seeing results, then backslide a little when "life gets in the way". It seems to be a pattern of mine....and I hate it. It does take huge commitment to plan, plan, plan your eating choices and your workouts!

I'm inspired by your story, your success, your drive! Thanks for sharing - it always helps to attend the pep rally!:eek:
Hi Terri,

Thanks so much for sharing your story of your success. They really make a difference for those of us searching these boards for inspiration as I am today. Your dedication and commitment to your health and fitness are to be admired. Good luck on your future competitions.


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