Yoga Max/Relax during 3rd Trimester?


Has anyone tried to do the two yoga workouts during the 3rd trimester? I go into the 3rd next week.

I have both DVDs but have yet to use them. I am not sure if they would be possible to use at this point or if I just need to wait until after Baby Girl is born.


Hi there mrsprincess07 :)

A Baby Girl :). How wonderful :). My little girl is 3 1/2 now. The time truly does fly so fast. One minute you have this precious, innocent little newborn, and before you can blink you have a child who can "walk the walk, and talk the talk". It's pretty amazing. Savor each and every moment, even the late night feeds in complete exhaustion. I think about those times, and my eyes start to water. The bond between mother and child is a beautiful thing.

I did a little yoga in my 3rd trimester (not Cathe's as they were not released yet). My yoga was from Rodney Yee, which does resemble Yoga Max/Relax. Some of the positions may be uncomfortable for you, especially as you approach your 8-9 months. The warrior poses are excellent, downward dog, chair pose. The forward bends were obviously hard as my stomach got in the way...I was a HUGE carrier :eek:. Just do whatever your body feels comfortable with doing. Any gentle movement/stretching is great for you and baby. I would also recommend lots of nice lovely walks. The one thing I regretted not doing more of during my 3rd trimester was walking. I figured once my daughter had arrived, I would be walking my way thin for hours with a baby sleeping in her stroller. Ya, not so much in my case -- my daughter HATED the stroller!! I can laugh at that now, but boy did it drive me nuts!!

Take care & all the best,


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