Yikes ..... I just saw a picture of myself!!!


Lynda - Thanks for the link to that book. It's gotten incredible reviews.
So after I get up early <crosses fingers> and workout for as long as I possibly can - I will head over to Borders for that book. I could really use some styling tips. It says he has hair style recommendations as well as clothing. What about makeup? Does he go over that as well?

Miss Lee

Check out the book Staging Your Comeback: http://www.amazon.com/Staging-Your-...=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1225920036&sr=8-1. It's has some super tips to get you looking your best no matter what your weight. I think too often we wait to get to a target weight before putting in the effort to look our best, when if we approached it the other way around, the boost in self esteem we'd get from making the effort would probably make it easier to embark on and stick to a fitness plan. The makeovers in the book are truly inspiring.

You are so right about this!! I'm a huge fan of What Not to Wear and the hosts, Stacy and Clinton, drive this point home all the time. I'm always just as amazed by the inward transformations of their weekly fashion victims as I am by their new outward appearance. It often changes their whole demeanor and outlook on life. You can see it in how they carry themselves, standing tall with a new found confidence.


Been there!

Former resident of Frump-Land myself, so I can relate! It's hard to know where to begin, and there are so many choices that it's overwhelming. Fortunately, there are loads of helpful books that can point you in the right direction. Among my favorites:

What You Wear Can Change Your Life

Closet Smarts

The Lucky Shopping Manual

InStyle Instant Style: Your Season-by-Season Guide for Work and Weekend

It's so easy to put yourself second (or third or fourth) on your list of priorities -- especially when you have a job, husband, housework, kids, pets, any and all of the above. But it's a slippery slope because you look worse, so you feel worse, then you let yourself go more, and look even worse and feel even worse ....

Even little changes will help you feel better and inspire you to take better care of yourself. And isn't that why we're here -- to look better and feel better?

Sorry to sound like a motivational speaker here, but this is near and dear to my heart!


I'm nearing 30 years old, out of shape, have a face and body full of acne and psoriasis, bad hair (falling out now) that I don't know what to do with, and I haven't slept more than couple of hours a night "naturally" in months. I'm going to school in one of the wealthiest smaller communities in the country with a bunch of extraordinarily beautiful 18-22 year olds.

To say that I feel completely and utterly undesirable is the understatement of the century.

I've started "beautification" projects, but there are fundamental things about my appearance I can't change. Without those changes, any motivation to keep up with the rest goes down the drain very quickly.

I did get a nice new winter coat for Christmas that I can almost complete hide under.... :D

I'm right there with you! After having my baby, my hair fell out in gobs, my face covered in acne, skin pale...and now that I've stopped nursing my boobs are even more non-exisitent than before. I've been having my husband cut my hair in our kitchen and I use drugstore hair dye to cover my grays (which I've started to get since my teen years). And makeup? What's that???:p

I actually used to get some looks and attention when I put more time, effort, and money into my appearance. It just hasn't been worth it to me lately.

I don't care much as long as I don't look in a mirror much...but I saw a recent picture too and it made me cringe.


Just wondering.....does anybody go out in public, hair not done, no makeup, etc. to run errands or take your kids places and then say to yourself, "I would never have gone out looking like this XXX many years ago."


Yea, but how much of that is that you simply don't photograph well? I've never taken a good picture in my entire life and when I see an especially bad one I'll ask someone "Please tell me I don't look LIKE THIS?" Usually, they look at the picture, furrow their brow, and say "No.... you don't look anything like this." Thank God, because I always look awful in pictures. Because of that, I don't let it get to me whenever I see yet another awful picture of myself.

Amy Steppe

OMG! What a timely post!

In the attempt to save money, I decided to take my light blonde hair to medium blonde for the winter.


And last night I saw some photos of Kate Moss without makeup. She looks older than me, but she is 20 years my junior.

All that hard partying has caught up with her!

She looks really, really bad.

I was scary.

Amy Steppe

Staging Your Comeback is awesome!

I highly recommend the book.

It is so much better than Charla Krupp's "How Not to Look Old". I bought the Kindle version of that book and it was terrible. Give up my red lipstick? Never!

I look like death in pink lipstick.


Coloring your own hair is a great way to save money and fight the frump. It is even cheaper and less wasteful if you go to a beauty supply store like Sally's and buy your stuff there rather then use the box kits you can buy at drug stores. I paid 30 dollars for all the bits and pieces the first time around (2 color brushes, gloves, big bottle of developer, mixing bowls. foils ect ect) but now only pay 5 dollars or so on average because I just have to buy the tubes of color. I even tried foiling some highlights in over the summer and people actually complimented me on them. I know there are some horror stories about home dying your hair. A lady at work turned her ash blond hair green by mixing it with another shade of blond that is known to have that effect so you have to do your research first. However I have not had any trouble. I just dyed my reddish brown hair a deep vampy red a week or so ago and loved it. I also read this blog for techniques (http://killerstrands.blogspot.com).

I also think it is important like other posters said to dress the body you have now. You deserve to feel good about yourself and what you are wearing whether you are your ideal weights or 10 pounds over what you would like to be. If you feel more self confidant you are probably more likely to stick with a fitness plan and get yourself back to were you feel comfy anyway.


Reality check

My daughter just brought home a picture of us from this past weekend that her friend took.


In order to save on money, I have stopped coloring my hair and am not cutting it as frequent as it should it looks dull and limp. My nonstop injuries kept me from working out, then my lack of motivation kicked in from getting lazy which put on 10 pounds. I had to buy a pair of jeans a month ago just to have something to wear other than sweatpants!!!

Plus, I just look sooo much older than I thought I did!!!! I am so upset!!!

I just tried working out and lasted only 25 minutes, most of which I was huffing and puffing.

Have any of you ever let yourself go? How did you get out of your rut?

Help - I am beating myself up emotionally and mentally for doing this to myself!!!!!

The camera is a great reality check - it does not lie. That's probably why I don't allow anyone to take my picture! Since my weight is very stable, I use pics (that slide through!)as an objective view of how certain clothes look. As for the aging face, not much I can do about that. The graying hair - that I CAN do something about.


This just happened to me too. I had a load of pics taken of me on the weekend (thanks to a fellow Catheite who was visiting) and was horrified to see myself in them. I look terrible. Old and haggard and burnt out and my hair looks dreadful (even though I just had it cut) and let's not even talk about the fatness.


I don't look like that in my head. I guess I better start looking in the mirror more, huh?

Shelley I saw those pics of you and you look wonderful! When I looked at the pics I actually thought to myself "Shelley looks fresh and young and healthy". I even commented on how great your hair looks. Your current haircut is SOOO perfect for your face. Sheeesh! :rolleyes:

Fidget Queen

Just wondering.....does anybody go out in public, hair not done, no makeup, etc. to run errands or take your kids places and then say to yourself, "I would never have gone out looking like this XXX many years ago."

All of the time!! It started when I couldn't wear makeup for a long time due to the severity of my acne. I've only started again because I'm on Retin-A and I need the sun-protection. It is a good motivator to do at least that much for myself. If I'm only out for a few errands, though, I slap on some sunscreen and call it good. My hair is never done, even on special occasions (I don't know how to do it!), never manicured, barely ever shaved :). I'm a sight. At least I'm very, very clean and hygienic. I'll give myself that much.

Maybe if I got some sleep I'd feel energized enough to care. Until then... WATCH OUT!

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