XTrain User's Guide


I purchased the complete XTrain series with the Ride DVD. I thought if you ordered the whole series you got the guide, but no guide came with mine. Was I mistaken?


The XTrain User's Guide has always been sold separately. You can purchase an e-book version for about $8. and the hard copy version for about $20.

Here's a link for the e-book:
Here's the link for purchasing the hard copy book:
I know it is sold separately, but I thought that was for OnDemand users or those who bought individual discs. Here is why I thought it came with the set:
"The XTrain Exercise DVD Workouts The XTrain User's Guide is free when you order either our XTrain 9- or 10-pack discount bundle. " I probably won't pay extra for it since the rotations are on the workout manager, but it does seem strange to sell a set without any guidance on how to use the set.

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