Wow! Awesome Series!


Cathe, you outdid yourself with the LITE series. I love the fun music and fresh moves. It’s so easy to turn it up a notch or keep it low impact. I also appreciate that you don’t take time out of the workouts to teach moves. You explain as you go, and that keeps the workouts moving. No time for downtime! Thank you!
I'm curious - for those of you who consider yourself 'advanced' exercisers, how are you finding the new series (if you've tried it?)
I'm also loving this series and the bonus ab workouts. Haven't done the cardio crush workouts - need to modify them for no impact. I still have Metabolic Blast, Body Weight and bands, and Pyramid Pump to do.
LITE is great new series / fun to do . Have completed the upper and lower body stacked sets ( if you are advanced just increase the weights and you will get a great workout). Completed Rev'd up Rumble this am with 6 pack abs 1. Did 6 pack abs 2 the two days prior..
Thank you for another fun series with a bit of difference in the moves. Great fun and always happy to hit my muscles in a new way.
I have done Cardio Party in its entirety. It has different moves then Cathe previously had, and it has some of her old moves from her other series. The difference is the moves from the older series are slowed down. I like it because they are tricky.

In Hi/Low 2 sequence, if you have done Leslie Sansone there a like maybe three moves there, but the difference is Sansone would have repeated it like 10 times, Cathe does it like two or three. But, Cathe is way more intense then Sansone would ever be. Cathe also, has more different exercise in the segment then Sansone. I wouldn't call Hi/Low 2 Sansone Like because it isn't. But, if you have done Sansone workout you will notice a few moves.

I worked up a sweat, but when I normally do a Cathe workout the sweat is all over my shirt, but this time it was some on my upper chest. I think this workout is great for the intermediate crowd, or you are new to Cathe. I think if you are totally advance and are on an off day and wanted to do something LITE this is for you!

I am biased because I am into the step! But, this has different parts like boxing and hi low movements. But, what I love about is the V step in the floor. I am glad she put that in there because I can practice it!

I am glad she made Cardio party! I hope that this will help intermediate people achieve their goals! I am glad she made this!
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