Would you buy any/all of these?


Good morning,

I need a bit of advice. I would like to use up my 20% off coupon (God forbid I not purchase something) and have the following Cathe DVDs to choose from that are missing from my library:

Cardio Hits
Circuit Max (I have Cardio Kicks on VHS, but wouldn't mind it on DVD)

Do you like/use any of these? Do you love any of them?



Hey Melissa! I have gauntlet and terminator (are they on the same dvd?) and I like them, but my world would still be complete without them. Not sure that helps you! They are a nice addition.

I'm trying to decide on slanted risers..... what d'ya think?



All of them are great but you should know that the Gauntlet is on the Terminator DVD (I guess I saved you a little money there!) The Terminator has 3 great circuit workouts on it. If you don't have a lot of time (70-80 minutes), then you might want to pass on these. They are a combination of Boot Camp, Muscle Endurance (the Viper seems to have the most of Muscle Endurance), Cardio and Weights and IMAX 2. IMAX Xtreme has the most cardio.

Cardio Hits - 3 steady state step workouts that will make you sweat. The choreography is a bit easier than her newer workouts and she breaks down the moves more. If you don't mind the older outfits, then these are great. Step Fit is the toughest choreographically and Power Max has the most athletic choreography. Step Fit is somewhere in the middle and has a fun macarena cooldown. Also has the Pure Strength 10-minute abs workout. Mostly crunches.

Circuit Max - a fun, 60 minute circuit workout with compound weight moves. Choreography not too difficult.

Cardio Kicks - fun, 60 minute kickboxing workout mixed with hi/lo. You'll need a lot of space for this one but it can be modified. Great blocking drills at the end. This one has a couple of guys to look at. No core work in this workout but you'll feel like you worked your core throughout the workout.

HTH with your decision.



Thanks ladies,

That was a great help.

Beth, I love the risers. I've used them often, primarily as an incline bench.

Marcy, Thank you for the extensive breakdown of each workout. I think it will be Cardio hits and Terminator!!

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