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Hey Cathe! Just wondered if you’d consider putting together a workout for we older fans who can no longer do workouts like “Meaner” aka Leaner Legs. Throughout the years, I’ve had back surgery and also have knee issues now and I’m guessing there may be more like me out there. Thanks and ❤


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Can't go wrong with either the LITE or ICE series. They are specifically geared to be less intensive on the joints but still provide an excellent workout, plus she provides modifications to further ensure a safe and effective workout. These workouts can be made as easy or as challenging as your fitness level allows, so there is room to both scale back as needed and to grow. I'm 58 and use these in between STS workout days. Love them!
I am 68, have bilateral hip replacements and have been exercising with Cath since she was on FIT tv when I was in my 40s. Really enjoy ICE , LITE workouts , all the Turbo Barre exercises including the most recent Fit Tower( Fit Tower helped me recover from knee injury and hip surgery too), Low Impact ,
still do the some of the Ripped and Xtrain series but modify where i need to.


I'm 57 - don't have any injuries and currently trying to move towards more advanced stuff. I got LITE initially and found it to be very much at my level, and was looking for something to push me beyond. I now have on demand and am dipping my toes into ICE and Strong and Sweaty. I know ICE is intermediate but honestly, I find it pretty challenging in places. In my opinion, it is definitely a fair bit tougher than LITE. Last night I was doing ICE Low Impact Sweat and I had every intention of adding the Blizzard Blast and maybe an Icy Core but the main workout turned out to be enough for me! I don't know whether I'm not as intermediate as I believed myself to be or whether ICE is just harder than many of the more advanced people on here realise! I had the same experience with the Metabolic one...

Update - did the ICE upper body workout with the same weights used by Cathe and didn't find it over challenging. Maybe it's just the cardio elements of the series that pushes me in places...
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I am your age, Pippi, and I agree with what you said. I started doing ICE about a year ago and found it quite challenging, especially the cardio workouts! I had thought I was at an intermediate level, but ICE humbled me. :) LITE does seem more intermediate to me (easier than ICE).


I think what's great about going through these Cathe workouts is that you can progress, even at my age (57). But progressing for me means sometimes taking it a bit easier and the variety is so great on the ONdemand that it's easy to do that.

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