Workout Blender XML??


I have installed the latest version of Workout Blender; I am running it on Windows XP. I have been trying to create a shortened version of IMAX 3. I don't have any problems creating the video but when I go to try to move the files to iTunes they won't go because the files aren't saving as .mv4, they are .xml format. Any ideas on what I need to tweak to fix this problem?
Hello Lisa7691,

It sounds like you are going into the Workout Blender Files > files folder located in your documents folder instead of the Workout Blender Videos folder located in your Videos folder to get to your workout video files.

Please try going into the folder "Your Hard Drive" > Users > "Your User Name" > Videos > Workout Blender Videos to locate the .m4v files which you can drag into iTunes. If this was not the problem, please let us know. Thanks!

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