Workout Blender won't import ANYTHING


I finally got around to downloading some older Cathe workouts and attempting to import into the Workout Blender. Nothing I have will import. I've tried the older stuff, the Shock Cardios, and the newest set of 4 workouts. Nada. PLEASE HELP! I bought the downloads specifically for use with the blender; I already own them all on dvd.

I have an iMac, using OS X 10.5.8, iTunes 10.1, and FireFox 3.6.12

ALSO, when I attempted to download the new set of 4 workouts to my iPod Classic (80G), it also didn't work. I could drag them to my iPad, but I really want them on my iPod.

Me too

I'm having the same problem. I just downloaded and installed the Workout Blender and am trying to move one download over and nothing happens. I threw folders in the trash, emptied the trash and restarted and tried again with no success. :(

I'm on a Mac OSX Version 10.6.5 (Processor 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, ~260 GB of free space on my hard drive) and Safari 5.0.2.
I thought I'd better mention that last night I updated my operating system, so I too am now using Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.5. Not sure if that makes a difference to solving these issues.
workout blender

I just got an iMac. I downloaded the workout blender for the mac and have been trying to drag my downloads over but it doesn't accept them. Do I have to redownload the videos? Please help!
If you're using Lion the Workout Blender doesn't currently support this new operating system, but we're working on a version that will.
I'm having problems as well

I have tried to download The Workout Blender several times now but it is still not importing the files. I have also tried deleting the suggested files/folders etc but haven't had any success. I have Microsoft Window XP Media Centre Version 2002.
I will mention it to the developers about the Windows XP Media Center edition not importing correctly. We do not have that version of the OS here for testing, but I will ask the programmers for their input.

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