Workout blender questions

aqua girl

I've been "playing" with this for a few days now and have found some things
I have questions on. I downloaded Pure Strength, Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
and imported to blender. My first disappointment was it only shows chapters
for warmup, chest, shoulders, triceps & stretch, when in fact on the dvd
there are approx. 15-16 chapters. I didnt know that it was going to break
down each "section" as a chapter instead of the individual chapters. Also
with that in mind, the sections are not the same as the dvd, it only shows
1:40 for the chest, and then for stretch, it doesn't just start at the stretch,
it is still on exercises because it shows the stretch is approx. 10 min. when
in fact the stretch is only a few minutes. I did make a short video and the
sound and video (Cathe's lips/words) are not in sync. It's ok on the
download in my library and in itunes. Also, it seems that in most all of them
I have tried, some of the different chapters do not play correctly, it seems
to cut them off before the exercise is actually finished or starts them after
she has already started the exercise. Kinda hard to follow! Also, after I
create the video, I cannot play it in the preview window. I am one also
that cannot see the chapter thumbnails but they play in the preview window
before I create the video. I know there is a fix for that but I haven't tried it
yet. Would that be preventing the final video not to play in the preview
window? Also, if I create a 20 min video, after it is created, it might only
be 16 min. leaving out some of the chapters I picked, although it says they
are there, and they show in the chapters, but when playing, it then puts
all the chapter points listed off. Hope that makes sense! Sorry this is so
long but wanted to try to remember everything ! Thanks for your input !
Also, kinda off this subject, but why do I always receive 2 emails when
getting a download, one that says I have 3 attempts to download and
another saying I have 9 attempts to download?
Hello aquagirl,

Yes, I would try the fixes that are mentioned throughout the support forums. Some of the problems that you are experiencing can be eliminated by running through the fixes, and I think before we try troubleshooting, it would benefit you to do that. If after you do the fixes you are still having the problems, please write back in this thread and we will attempt to work through them.
Hi again., well, I tried the fix and it worked and stays that way until the
next time I import another download into the WB and then it does import
but the chapter thumbnails aren't showing again. They continue to show
for the downloads that I imported right after I did the fix but any other
download that I import say the next day or whenever, the thumbnails don't
show. I have done the fix many times but it seems it doesn't hold for any
future imports. I do power off my computer after each use, don't know if
that makes any difference, it shouldn't. I'm getting tired of doing that
procedure just to get the thumbnails to work and the preview window to
work after the creation. It does work before I create. Another thing I
mentioned before was on the Pure Strength Chest, Triceps, etc. that Cathe's
words and video are not in sync and I thought it was only in the blender but
the download is like that. It seems to start out ok but gets off further into
the workout. Another bug I found is that the blender will simply not include
in the finished video some of the chapters I put into the workout. It will
either leave them out completely shortening the workout and/or cut them
off too soon or start them too late so to speak. I have found this with
Push & Pull, Pure Strength, to name two.It will show that the video is the
time it should be but it isn't. and in itunes it will show all chapters listed
but the ones that aren't there then puts the chapter listing off. Anyway,
just thought you would want to know. I think I'll sit back and wait for
some problems solved. It is a fun "toy".

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