Workout blender can't delete non Cathe videos


I accidentally dragged some non-cathe videos to the workout blender. It doesn't recognize them, but the red X at the top is greyed out, so I can't delete them either. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the WB a few times, and these non-Cathe videos still appear with errors. I'd like to just remove them. Any ideas?

Try to find the file in the workout blender folder on your hard drive. You might be able to find it there and delete. Chris
Thanks Chris, any clues where I might find it, I've been searching and can't seem to locate where the workout blender is keeping its list of videos.
I put all my downloads in a specific folder I call Cathe downloads. First check where all your downloads are and see if the file is there. The location is what folder you chose when you first downloaded the files. Also check the workout blender folder. Mine is D:\\documents and settings\\my name\\videos\workout blender videos. That's the location for all the videos I created. If that doesn't do it hopefully can help! I'm new to the workout blender but I love all the various combos I've created!!
I'm hoping that someone from can help me with this, as when I uninstalled, I did a search for any workout blender directories and I deleted them, so I have no idea where this is still coming from. Plus I did that 2x with the same results.
Curtis, Thank you! That was it. It was the "Cathe" folder. I had removed anything that said "workout blender", but didn't look for "Cathe". All is fine now. I figured it had to be hiding somewhere. :) Appreciate the help.

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