Workout Blender (094B) - Update

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Our first update to the Workout Blender is now available for you to download and install. Please make sure to follow the download instructions below. Though this build will not fix all problems it will fix many of the reported bugs, including problems with videos like Muscle Max and the CTX series that would not previously play. All videos, except our 4 newest videos, will now import and play in the WB after you update it.

To make our 4 newest videos work in the WB you will need to re-download your files using the links we provided you previously. If you have lost your links or used up all of your attempts please use the Help Desk and open a ticket. Please be patient as customer service is closed on the weekend and it will take us several days to help you as I'm sure a lot of people will need help.

Update Instructions:

To Download the newest version of the Workout Blender - Click Here and then click on the Green Download Now button


After the new installer file downloads from our web site, double click on the disc image (the file called Workout Blender for Mac.dmg) to mount the installer disc. Next, and this is important or the update will not work, you must open your "Applications" folder, scroll down to "Workout Blender", and drag the application into the trash can. Next, go back to the Workout Blender installer, click on Install Workout Blender and follow the directions. When you launch the Workout Blender, all of your existing imported videos and workouts will still be there.


After clicking on Windows Download Now, click Save on the window that opens (It is not recommended to Open or Run the file at the same time as the download). Save the installer file to your desktop. When the download is complete, double click the Workout Blender for file and follow the directions. When the installer asks if you want to replace Version 086 with version 094, allow it to, and the installation will then proceed. When you launch the Workout Blender, all of your existing imported videos and workouts will still be there.

All Users

If you previously imported videos into the Workout Blender that had improper times or names on chapters, you must delete them by clicking on the red X that appears on the cover art when you move your mouse to the video (don't worry, this does not delete the actual video file, just the links to it contained within the Workout Blender), and then drag the original files back into the Workout Blender like you did originally. The program has been updated so that the problem videos should work fine now. (Please note that if you have used the incorrectly timed or chaptered videos to create workouts, you must first delete those workouts before you can delete the video.)

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