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My work schedule is going to be changing to three 12 hour days. I know Im not going to be able to workout those 3 day. What do you folks that work this schedule do? Am I going to have to workout for 2 hours on my days off? Im usually pretty exhausted after an hour workout,so i cant imagine this. I also cant imagine working out twice in one day. I dont know. Im just curious to see what others do.


When I had an insane schedule working 12-14 hours, I would still try to get in 20-40 minutes of working out on most days. It usually energized me to do so. I also made a point to work out before work, because no way, no how would I come home and work out.

I would also avoid trying to play "catch up" on your days off. I'm not sure what type of workouts you do, but it is probably reasonable to do 60-90 minutes of focused exercise (a formal workout), and maybe some other fun activities like a walk with a friend. You still want to avoid doing strength training on the same body part 2 days in a row.

Here is an example of how I used to work out:

Work day: 30 minute run
Work day 2: DOR
Work day 3: 30 minutes kickboxing
Day off 1: Strength training--Upper body (e.g. chest and triceps) approx. 45 min. + 30-60 min. cardio
Day off 2: Strength training--Lower body + abs
Day off 3: Strength training--Upper body (e.g. back, shoulders, and biceps) approx. 45 min. + 30-60 min. cardio
Day off 4: Strength training--Lower body + abs and cardio (free choice)

Eilene P

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12 hour shifts

I work 12 hour shifts 3 days a week and what works for me is to get up about an hour early before my shifts. I do try to get to bed early the night before so I am not so tired for my workout. Once I got into the routine, it just becomes part of my work day and I feel energized for the day.
Good luck.


Keep your workouts to a half hour...

Day 1-Cardio
Day 2-1/2 Upper (tri's/bi's/shoulders)
Day 3-1/2 upper (chest/back/core/abs)
Day 4-Cardio
Day 5-Legs
Day 6-Cardio
Day 7-Off

Any mix will work, just remember that when you're working, WORK HARD!! You can do quite a bit in a half an hour!!
MJ in MN

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