Wishful Thinking


I wish Cathe would put out more Spin DVD's. I understand if you sign up for her streaming service there are more choices. For those who have, which feature gives you more bang for your buck? The on-demand or the other feature?


I agree! I have been wishing for more spin DVDs for quite awhile. I believe her LIVE has an extra 17 (+/-) spin classes, but I don't have reliable internet to stream. I may buy the LIVE as a digital download if there is a bulk sale.


Cool! I didn't know about digital sales. I have a membership to Sweat Cycle which will be ending soon. I like the instructors but Cathe gives such good cueing. Also, I will admit I like DVD’s


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I fully agree with you, I think more spin DVDs will be in very high demand among people with bad connectivity!! c:
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