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ocean laura

Does anyone have any good suggestions for new Wii games? They are quite expensive and I would hate to buy one and have it be boring or dumb. Also, any suggestions on ones to avoid would be appretiated too! Thanks

Zelda Twilight Princess is loads of fun. It's for one player at a time, though and is one of those story ones. I'm addicted - it's almost like reading a book and doing a puzzle, but more fun. Big Brain for Wii is a letdown, compared to the DS version.

I just got the new Donkey Kong and played it for a few minutes yesterday and it seemed pretty fun. That one can be played with up to 4 people.

I guess it depends on the age of the people who are going to play. Zelda is fun, but I think it's too challenging for a younger kid. There's a lot of that figuring out what you're supposed to do to move on in the game.
I got Playground the other day - with Dodgeball, Wall Ball, Tetherball, Dart Guns, paper airplanes, etc... My boys thought it was pretty fun.

We have also spent a fair amt of time playing Mario Party 8. Lots of fun mini-games and fun for a group of people.

Edited to say that my boys are 13 and 14.
Thanks so much for the input. My kids are 13 11 and 9, so the games that they can play together are better for us. Anyone try carnival games yet? Thanks, Laura
I have that Mario game too. It's definitely good to play against someone. Like a board game on the Wii.

This kid at my Tae Kwon Do class and I always talk about Wii. I've loaned him my Prince of Persia game, so we always get in trouble for talking about it instead of paying attention to our class. I'm a bad influence.....anyhooo....he's probably about 13 and keeps telling me to get Guitar Hero. That's supposed to be pretty cool.
I STRONGLY recommend that you find a Blockbuster or somewhere where you can try out the games.

We bought Mario party 8 on lots of recommendations, but my kids (8 and 10) hated it. They said the gameplay was better on the Gamecube. Ditto for Mario Strikers.

Carnival games has really poor graphics. You should not pay more than $20 for this game. My kids thought it was fun, but I thought it was very poorly designed.

Check half.com. I rarely buy brand-new games. Check game.faq for game reviews.

Games I/we enjoy:

Mario Galaxy - EXCELLENT! I have fun watching my DD play.
Mario and Sonic Olympic Games - fun, fun, fun!
Guitar Hero - it's is very cool.

Call of Duty - my 10-year old DS loves this game. But, there is shooting, some blood, death (I think).
Mario Galaxy and Zak & Wiki are my favorites at the moment. They both have gorgous graphics.
You should go to wii.ign.com and look at their review and you will find out which ones stink and which ones are good.
Has anyone tried Thrillville or Paper Mario. I bought these for Christmas and have not tried them yet.

Has anyone played Wii Play? How did you like it.
We have Wii Play which I bought primarily for the Wii Remote that came with it, but my daughter (19) and I enjoyed it. It wasn't as physically challenging as Wii Sports by any means and a couple of the games had me totally perplexed (the tank game for one), but ping-pong, pool, target practice and horse race were lots of fun.

The games are quicker to play than most of the Wii Sports so if you just want to play for a few more minutes, but not get too involved then this would fit the bill.

However, if you don't need it for the extra remote, I'm not sure if it is worth the $25 for the game alone.
My 9 yr old daughter would like to know if anyone's kids have tried the High School Musical Sing It game and what they thought.
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