why is agave nectar better than sugar?


Just curious why agave nectar is suppose to be better for you than sugar, when I've read that it actually has more calories? I understand that the glycemic index on agave is lower, but does that outway the fact that there's more calories? Thanks for any replies!


Thank you so much! That article made a lot of sense. My goal is to slowly cut most sugars out of my diet, because I have a huge problem with them. So it was good for me to hear that sugar is sugar - even if I would love for there to be a healthy substitute.;)



Wouldn't we all?? Just have your indulgences every now and then, and try to keep the healthy eating ratio to about 80% good, 20% bad, so that the good nourishment outweighs the bad junk!


I have been warned away from agave by my docs since I have a mildly fatty liver. Agave can be 90% fructose and is processed by the liver and stored as fat. You can Google this for lots of good info.


Agave has been touted as better than sugar because it is low glycemic, but as the article Jodelle linked to suggests, it's now getting more attention as not being as healthy as originally promoted to be, because of the effects of fructose on the liver.

If you'd rather hear about the agave controversy than read about it, Kevin Gianni has several Youtube videos discussing it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKoC9JUCeCk&feature=channel


I agree a sugar is a sugar. I even limit fruit and starches...seems like they all have a similar effect on me and trigger cravings.


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What most people don't know is that agave nectar is made up of fructose and glucose, but it has a lower glycemic index than table sugar. Agave nectar has the same number as calories as sugar.

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