Why dumbbells?


I've noticed in most of the leg work, we are using all dumbbells, with the exception of some of the deadlifts. The dumbbell squats feel different to me than the barbell squats, so that I can understand, by why for lunges? It is easier on my hands to hold a barbell on my shoulders than to hold 2 heavy dumbbells. I did switch to lighter dumbbells and the vest for disc 14 which seemed to help. Is there a reason to use DBs instead of the BB for lunges? It is also easier to hold a barbell for leg presses than to try to hold on to the thick ends of a heavy DB.



good question

I would really like to hear an answer for this too. Since I have teeny tiny hands, heavy DB's are a real challenge for me, whereas a BB is usually fine. I also wonder if there is a reason for using DB's or if we can switch to a BB without sacrificing too much.


I prefer using a barbell, but because of space restrictions in my place, I can't use one for lunges, only squats, plies and deadlifts. I would truly love to do lunges with BBs, but since I can't, I like that Cathe shows us how it could be done with DBs. You could always change them to BBs - modification is the key to at home workouts, dontcha know!

wendy loo

Maybe the reason for using dumbells is that once you go up much higher in weight, you can more easily do these moves with dumbbells because with a barbell you have to lift it over your head. Personally I'm nowhere near that amount of weight, especially in Meso1, but I suppose that could be a reason. (i.e., if you are using a thirty pound (or higher) dumbell in each hand, you might not be able to lift a 60 pound barbell over your head...)



I am just the opposite on this! I find that I go down much farther in the squat with dumbbells and hate the feeling of a barbell on my shoulders unless I am using a Smith Machine. I had a shoulder injury about a year ago that sidelined me for a couple months so I am very careful about how much weight I rest on my back/shoulders.



There really is no difference here - it's whatever is most comfortable for you. I personally prefer the dumbbells for squats and step-ups because I don't like the bar on my back. However, I've noticed that with some moves, like lunges, the bar works better because it prevents me from leaning too far forward or letting my shoulders drop. In Meso 3 she goes back to the barbell. As long as you are comfortable and are able to lift adequate weight safely, use whatever best suits you.

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