Which kickbox?


I've been avoiding my Cathe kickbox workouts for about 1.5 years because of a lower back problem that I'm seeing a chiropractor for. I want to try again to see if I can do it without making my lower back sore. Any suggestions on which ones are the easiest in terms of kicking?


i don't have all the kickbox videos but maybe try starting out with the low impact combos from kickmax and just modify the jumping jacks at first until you feel a bit stronger.


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I'd get KPC - it's easily modifiable to not be as high impact. I pulled a muscle in my lower back and found that if I did a front kick with my left leg it hurt, but it did not hurt on any other kicks. I'm not saying you will be like that - but maybe some kicks will affect you more than others. Take it easy, keep the kicks low and as you are feeling better, move them up.


My vote is for KPC.

It's slightly higher on the fun factor vs. Kickmax which is more concentrated on intensity.

I prefer KPC's music...."I wanna rock...."

I find that I have to be mentally prepared for Kickmax whereas I can sleepwalk at 5am into KPC.

Both burn great calories in slightly different ways.



I personally feel the combos from Kick Max are way easier than KPC. Also, Kick Max has the leg conditioning drills that you could do first to see if some of the moves are going to bother your back.


Thanks for the replies. I did KPC keeping the kicks low and leaving out most of the back kicks (which didn't feel okay). My lower back was fine, so I'm going to do this once a week for a while. Thanks again.:)

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