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Can anyone suggest which cathe dvds they take when traveling?I will be gone for 2 weeks and will have my computer.I prefer to follow a dvd rather than exercise on my own.I was thinking KPC and Kickmax,but don't know which others will be benficial since I will probably not have access to weights,but I will definitely bring my resistance bands.I really like B&G and am thinking of bringing this along. I just don't want to lose my momentum and lose any gains I have made this past 6 months that I have been consistently using Cathe's workouts for both cardio and weights.Thanks in advance for advice
Definitely KPC and KM. B&G is another great choice -- there are so many moves that don't require equipment (and you can sub a household object for the 5# weights, like a liter of liquid). The other DVD's that I bring with me when traveling are CoreMax, GS upper body (you can do the push-ups and dips and all the band work and sometimes I use household objects for weights)and MIS (the hi-lo only). Good luck!
Thanks so much for your help.The dvd's you mentioned sound like a great idea to bring along with me.That should be enough to keep me going and motivated until I return home.Thanks again!
i agree with kick max and kpc. i would bring any of the upper body weight videos and just use resistance bands with them. for legs, i would do a lot of plyo squats and lunges to keep the intensity high with no weights.
Timely post! I'm going out of town this weekend and will be gone a week. I have to search in the archives, but I know I posted (I believe in the rotations forum) either an actual rotation or just a long list of all the exercises on Cathe's various dvds that use the band. I'll have to print that out and take along to create my own total body workout.

Bootcamp/ME would be a good one to do BC cardio premix. I also took MIC for the floor portion and CTX for floor portions - lots of mish moshes. You can also do firewalkers:)
I've been thinking the new workout blender software will be perfect for this - we can put together workouts using the body weight and band portions from various workouts. Won't help this week, but I think it will be great in the future!
I travel a ton and like you I am addicted to Cathe. I have been taking Low Max on the road with me as cardio. I don't use a step but do everything BIG, use lot's of space and trust me it still gives you a good workout.
Save travels. ;-)
maybe do MIC? i wouldnt bring a band on a plane. security might have a problem with it and the band might not be good in a suitcase. i wouldnt want to take any chances


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