where is check in??


for those of us starting today with Cathe and Cathe where is check-in? excited to start today and read evertyones posts, but can't find.:(

Hi TriGirl63,

Not Cathe here, but per her thread last night, she will post the week-long check-in threads in the STS forum. It hasn't been posted yet today to start the week off. Here is a cut & paste of Cathe's thread from last night; I've highlighted in bold text the part that's most relevant to your question:

Cathe's Post in STS Thread regarding STS check-ins:

On your mark, get set.......


and tomorrow...... GO! Yippee, tomorrow is February 16th and I am SO ready to sink my teeth into STS. Who else is joining me? I know many of you have started already and that's great. I have enjoyed reading all your comments and experiences in the aftermath of your DOMS, DOBS (great one A-Jock), and other muscle altering experiences, lol.

While we are going to continuously post STS updates on Cathe TV, I am also going to be starting weekly STS check ins on this STS forum. I will be doing the 3 month rotation (since I know that's what most of you will be doing) and I plan on doing the workouts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It doesn't matter when you do your three workouts in a given week...just be sure to get the three designated workouts completed by the end of the designated week.

So, on Monday February 16th I will start a week long check in with three separate STS threads right here on this STS forum.

Each will say:

"STS Check In ---Disc One"
"STS Check In ---Disc Two"
"STS Check In ---Disc Three".

Please post your comments in the appropriate thread once completing that particular workout disc. I will do the same once I have completed the workout so that we can all "compare notes" and support one another. This will be a great way to keep us accountable to our workouts too.
Remember, you don't have to do Disc 1, 2, and 3 on Mon, Wed, Fri. That's just when I plan on doing them. Do Disc 1, 2, and 3, next week, on any days that work for you that given week.

Alrighty then....raise your water glasses...."Here's to a strong and healthy 2009!!!!"

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