Where do you store your equipment?


I do not have an exercise room. I had good intentions of exercising in my son's room when he's not at home, but he always has some stuff on the floor and I do not feel like cleaning it up every time I need to exercise!

I'm thinking I should exercise in my livingroom - I can cushion the hardwood with mats. I'm going to break it down to slip under the sofa.

The problem is the weights and the equipment! Where do I store these so they're within reach? I know I will not take out the equipment if they're not within easy access and will forego exercising altogether. But, I don't want them cluttering up my livingroom, either!

Please tell me where you keep all of your equipment and/or give me some ideas! I am trying to keep my house orderly, haha.
I have a home gym but at our old house I had to keep stuff in the livingroom to. Do you have a lot of space? Because you can maybe keep the wights to the side. Do you have a lot of weights? For me It was a pain becuse mine were not in reach so I had to move them back and forth before and after workouts. Maybe your Husband can make you a weight rack or you can go to the store an buy one.

What kind of mats do you have? Is it a folding mat or one of the interlocking mats?

I have my step with extra risers at the foot of my bed. I put all the plates and dumbbells inside the risers. I saw a great cover that Gin Miller sells to cover your step and make it look like a bench( it actually has foam on the top so it can be used as a bench). I am going to make one to cover my bench.

My rebounder is under my bed and my barbells are also.
I don't have an exercise room either so I keep my weights under the chairs in the living room and all my other equipment in the guest room. I think I'm going to reclaim a closet my kids keep some toys & costumes in and make that my "equipment locker".
Mine is mostly all in my living room. I have puzzle mats on the floor which I hide under the area rug. I have weights that I keep in a vertical weight rack in the corner next to the stereo stand that houses all my DVDs. The step gets stored under the bed in the bedroom, extra risers stacked up in the corner. The broken down Power Tower pieces get stored under the bed and behind the weight rack. Other stuff is tucked into crevices in the living room. My NordicTrak is in the bedroom and my spinning bike is in the living room. I live in a one-bedroom apartment. I am very good at organizing space!!
My living room is my gym. I have a tower dumbell rack behind the front door, bench and tower along the wall, step and risers beside a chair, long top for step behind the TV, barbell plates stacked beside the TV...It works for me. I do wish I had an exercise room...oh and my stationary bike is in the basement, and hoping to get a spinning bike to keep it company :)
Storage ideas...

I have an exercise room, but I had a coat closet in my living room. My husband added shelving in that closet since we have a small kitchen off our living room. That way I can store extra kitchen stuff here. Also, I'm thinking maybe some end tables, TV stands could provide you with extra storage.

In my exercise room, we put cabinets along the one wall. All my DVDs, shoes, etc. fit in there. My TV & DVD player sit on top. I also had my dad make me a weight rack. Love my room!

I use my living room as well. It has a vaulted ceiling and an open plan so I use the space underneath the staircase next to the fireplace that I had no idea what to do with so I use it for all of my exercise equipment. I don't have any kids so it doesn't matter that it is all laying out in the open.
I used to exercise in my living room and I know what a pain hauling out weights can be. I bought a huge wicker basket and put my dumbbells in it. I then covered the weights with a throw and some pillows. No one ever suspected that there was a couple hundred pounds of weights beneath such cute throw pillows!

Hmm, i thought of getting wicker basket, cutting out the bottom and plating it over the dummbell rack . . . I like the DB towers linked on other threads here. I have a very compact one but I ALWAYS pinch my fingers getting the weights off - it's TOO compact.

Thanks to everyone for their input!
I do not suppose I will be much help:) I used to workout in my livingroom and stored dumbbells in the coat closet and my barbell was always right behind my couch with weight plates under it. It was out into the room but when you came in you did not see it. Now I can't help. I have two rooms that are smaller than the last I had and I have so much stuff that I try to hide. Lots of weight plates stacked, kettlebells, weight rack. The Bowflex Select Tech weights would be great that I have, but if you have to change so fast that you are picking up another weight almost immediately it does not work. They would be a space saver otherwise. I want more space, but really hear you when having to find the room to do it. Living room really does limit what you can have out. I do believe I had the weights, ankle weights, and a med ball in that closet. They took up all of the floor space.

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