where are all the rotations?


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HI there - I'm new to this forum but not new to Cathe.
I'm a regular at the VF Forum and users there are often mentioned Cathe's rotations..."weight Loss", " Tank Top" Etc. I signed up to this forum to find these rotations and can't find them. Shouldn't they be here under rotations? I tried doing a search but hundreds of things are showing up.....can anyone help this rookie? thanks


This particular forum for rotations is brand new - just put up Feb 1st (see the announcements at the top). In time I'm sure those rotations will make their way here.


There are some old rotations on the web- Tank Top, Cathe's own, and lots more! Debbie H and others kindly compiled them a while back. They are large files and would take a lot of square footage of type to paste all here!

I tried yesterday(?) to post a link to them here. Maybe someone else can help.


Hi Connie and all!

Just wanted you to know that I added Cathe's three new intensity rotations to the fitnessvideofanatics.com site. Also 'WD's' rotation.


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