When will the new workouts be added to the Workout Manager?


Hi Cathe! I was just wondering when you planned to add the new workouts to the Workout Manager. I use it every day to chart my workouts. It's such a handy tool and I love that you offer this on your site! I went to add in Great Glutes for tomorrow but noticed it's not in the list yet. Thanks!
I just noticed that most of them are there this morning. No pedal power, X10 or Rockout Knockout but the rest are there.
New workouts in the Workout Manager

This something we started working on this morning, but not sure how long it will take to completely finish.
SNM Crew is Wonderful and Efficient!

Thanks SNM for responding to our forum inquiries! Can't wait for my current rotation to end tomorrow so I can crack open the new DVDs and sweat my . . . hmm . . . my everything off! ;D
I just put in PRS #2 and I have no icon. Just thought you should know. Thanks for all the hard work and the great new workouts.
PRS2 icon not working

I just tested this and it worked fine. You may have to clear your browsers cache. Also, you might have added the workout before we finished the icons. Not sure what happens in this case. You can try refreshing your browser, but if this doesn't work you will need to delete the workout and then add it again.
Icons for new series in Workout Manager

I just followed the advice on here and cleared my cache, and the icons immediately appeared for the workouts I had been entering the last couple weeks.

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