When will first phase of presale finish?


Please can you tell me approximately when the first phase of the presale will finish? I'm really interested in these DVD's and I need to work out my finances!



According to the latest presale announcement:

Pre-Order my New Videos (6 or 7 discount bundle) during the Month of March and get my Greatest Hits Volume 1 DVD (or download) for Free. Cathe’s Greatest Hits DVD will ship with your pre-sale DVDs when they are ready. Purchase of either the 6 or 7 discount DVDs or Downloads bundle is required for Free offer. Free offer starts March 1st and ends March 31st

Not sure if the prices will change after this or if just the free offer ends.

I'm planning to preorder but hoping to do so when the daily deal is the bodyblast timesaver dvd. It was recently the daily deal but perhaps it'll come up again before march 31st (I definitely want the free greatest hits dvd).

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