What kind of classes on the roadtrip?


Hi Cathe,

I was looking at previous road trip classes to get an idea of what to be ready for. Do you have an idea of what kind of step class you will be having? My husband is not a big stepper, but I would like to help him be ready with some of the moves and not just the basic steps. Last road trip you had this description: (Class One Of The Weekend)…Step from Athletic Step, Step Moves, 4DS lower/higher intensity step and some older DVDs

Will you be doing something similar?

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My sister and I are first time Road Trippers, and we're worried about Cathe's awesome choreography. Normally, it takes us 3-4 times working out with a DVD before we feel comfortable with a routine. Step Moves STILL is a challenge for me -- choreography-wise. I don't want to make the other Cathletes mad because I'm tripping over my step and such. How tricky is the choreography on the Road Trips? What workouts should we do to best prepare? Any steps that we should "get down" before arriving in Houston? SO excited! I can't believe I'm going to meet Cathe!


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I have the same question for Cathe or any of the experienced road trippers - what can I expect as far as workouts are concerned - type and intensity? I'm in week 3 of STS meso 1 again, and I'm afraid of being too fatigued if I keep up my regular workout schedule this week. That is the last thing I want. However, that being said, I'm used to running 8-12 miles on a Saturday, so I may be just fine. Thoughts? Thanks.


Usually the roadtrip patterns are not complicated. Cathe will usually build to the complete set just like she does in her videos, so you can always stick with the easier modification if necessary. As for the intensity, it is what you put into. I have been to road trips right after being sick and just took it easy. No one notices. Everyone is at a different level any way. Yes you are going to the road trip for some good workouts, but you will get a good workout just because you are doing so many classes. More importantly, you are going to the road trip to meet Cathe and fellow Cathletes. So come have a great time and don't let the workouts worry you a bit.

The sculpting classes usually use light weights and paper plates. The kick box classes is usually familiar moves and the step classes usually contain classic Cathe sequences. Hope that helps.

Looking forward to Friday!!!
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