Weekend Check in Saturday October 16th & Sunday October 17th, 2020


Hi Everyone,

Today I did day 11 of Caroline Girvan + added on 20 minutes of mcfit method biceps.

lilacsinspring - i checked out penny. looks pretty good!

have a great workout everyone. see you all tomorrow :)


I am soooo sore from yesterday's workout sitting on the porcelain throne hurts!! Ugh!!

Well they came to deliver the furniture and the couch was broken and the chair's motor sounded sick . So we didn't get anything and have to wait till 10 to call the store. And they weren't supposed to show up until between 11 and 3 but they called at 7:20 (a robo call) that they were arriving in approximately an hour!!!

So rest day here.


Hi Everyone,

Today I did more Caroline (shoulders) + mcfit method 15 minute jumprope bodyweight workout.

I got the dates wrong this weekend. sorry :(

Annette - sorry about the furniture problem. that is not right. i hope it all gets sorted.

great workouts ladies!


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Cathe LIS Cardio Super Sets with Bonus Step and then what felt like 5 seconds but was actually about 20 min of stretching. No matter how much I stretch my IT band (learned that from Cathe lol!) it's always so tight feeling. I guess I'll see if Adrienne has a stretch for it later. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone, and Ceci, never would have noticed the date thing, 2020 has definitely messed with my date/time awareness! :)

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