Weekend Check in Saturday January 18th & Sunday January 19th, 2020


Hi Everyone,

Today I did a SSOD cycling workout to disco music - very fun! Before that I did a 35 minutes Milhoy chest, shoulders, back workout. I missed the last couple of days due to work demands. I just don't like missing workouts but... it happens.

Have a great day everyone and stay warm. Brrrrrrrr


Enjoy your rest Annette.
Today I did half of a MH workout - total body + 10 minutes of spinning. I slept in and have to be in the office just after 9am.

Snowstorm here yesterday. NFLD got like 70 cm - they had to send in the army. seriously.


Hi all

Yesterday was a rest day and today Burn it Bootcamp Live.

It's a long weekend for MLK day tomorrow. So happy.

Have a great day.


A little bit last evening and about 40 minutes today of trying to nail down moves for 2 new tribal drums type music with lots of arms.

My arm that I was in physical therapy for last spring is still not totally up to snuff other than not hurting all the time, so all the repetitive moves really get it aching like nobody's business.

The 2nd workout will prove to be a challenge since I used all the good moves in the 1st one,sigh.

Have a great evening.

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