Weekend Check-in Saturday, January 14th & Sunday, January 15th, 2023


Hi Everyone,

Pretty much halfway through January. Crazy.

Today I did a very short Cathe Stacked Upper Body - 36 minutes. Saturdays are always so busy for me as I have my first client in the office at 9:30am. I took a rest day yesterday (listening to my body).

Annette - so sorry to read about your "adopted mom". All things considered, I hope you had a lovely anniversary. That's some commitment.

Linda - glad to see you checking in and getting in workouts again - even if not full force
Nora - I love how much you work out. I wish I had your stamina and drive!

Have a great weekend everyone.
Good morning….

Siobhan, nice Cathe Stacked Upper Body workout this AM, enjoy your Saturday, hopefully it won’t be too busy……

Hello & Waves to Lannette….

Nora, great job yesterday with YT- Movement Paralells Life- MORNING MOVEMENT ROUTINE to stay PAIN-FREE & FEELING YOUNG!= 17 Min., LITE- Revd Up Rumble-Basic #2 Main w/o+ 6 Pack Abs #1= 51 Min., & YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- Pyramid Style HIIT Cardio Workout = 42 Min.

Annette, despite the boot, great workout yesterday doing 35 min. On the elliptical and 20 min. Floowork with a relaxing stretch.

I am trying to focus mainly on lower body right now, so this morning I did:

Ifit- “Albercutx WatchTower Treadmill Walk, Mallorca, Spain” - 23 min.
Blender - Lower Body Weights Add-On - 15 min.

I am planning on rest day Sunday, so everyone enjoy your weekend…..
Hi ladies,

Well, we went out to eat tonight for our anniversary which was yesterday and of course we both ate too much. But it was nice.

I came home and did 36 minutes of floorwork for abs, legs and glutes plus a stretch so hopefully I will feel better.

The visitation is tomorrow afternoon so it will be an emotional day.

See you another day.
Hi Ladies:)

I woke up feeling terrible and in pain due to extremely tight muscles so, I decided to not workout today and just try to rest and maybe a little mobility stretching.

High fives and bravo's to: Linda, Siobhan, and Annette. You ladies are all awsome, WTG!!

Have a blessed weekend& see ya at Monday's check-in;)

Hi Everyone,

I managed a longer workout today. I did Cathe's Stacked Lower Body and added (thanks to Nora) Rev'd up Rumble Calorie Crush (it was about 9 minutes). I added on 10 minutes of MPL for a good stretch.

Linda - you are going to have a solid thutt focusing on your lower body
Annette - we are all thinking of you. I'm so sorry for your loss
Nora - thanks for the reminder of Rev'd up Rumble. I am sorry to read you are experiencing so much discomfort. Could MPL be helpful to you at all - does stretching help when feeling this way?

Have a great day everyone. See y'all tomorrow!
Good morning!

great lower body & kickboxing workout this AM, Siobhan….

hi to Annette & Nora……not a happy day for you, Annette…..again, so sorry about your friend….

I wasn’t going to do any exercise today, but I did do a Peloton 20 min. 80’s Treadmill Walk…I decided to keep Peloton another month as it seems I did more of their workouts this past month. I need to figure out some type of rotating schedule for these apps I subscribe to….it’s kind of expensive to keep them all every month.
have a good day….
Hi ladies,

I went to the visitation and spoke with her husband and both her sons. They loved my stories. Her husband said that some days she didn't want to go to the gym and exercise but she went just to see me , sniff sniff... Her son said that I must be a very good motivator to get her to go from the treadmill to the elliptical. It was nice to hear.

I don't think I will go to the funeral. I had to stop talking at one point while talking to the older son and compose myself. It was hard. I am not Catholic so the service really has no significance to me and I have been to plenty of Catholic funerals ( my dh's family is Catholic) .

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I felt them.

See you tomorrow.

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