Week 2 Week 3/22/21 - 3/28/21

Happy Monday!

Today was KY15m, Stott Pilates Stability Chair 48m
I’ll also hopefully do Pilates Cadillac Walkover practice for 5m but I need a spotter for that.

Have a great start to your week everyone!
Hi all

Today was Revd Up Rumble with the Calorie Crush and Extended Stretch.

I hope this Spring weather continue :)

Have a great day.
Hello everyone,

Today was KY15m, Stott Props 2 - 32m, Cardio Trifecta 42m

We’re supposed to have several more nice days before our weather turns cooler. The snow is melting!
Hello everyone,

Today was KY15m, Stott Home Reformer 45m

The birds are back and singing this morning!
Hi all

Lannette - I think it‘s just you and I :)

Today was Yvette Cardio Step with Medicine Ball. It was TOUGH. I hope to get a stretch in later.

Have a great day.
Hi Lannette:

Today was CL ICE Total Body Compound and Perfect 30 Extended Stretch. I love all the extended stretches Cathe has added to her last few release.

Have a great day.
Hi Lisa,

Yes Cathe’s recent extended stretches are excellent!

Today was KY15m, Stott Power Paced Pilates 25m, Cardio Trifecta 42m

We’re enjoying a warm, sunny day! I hope your weather is just as excellent.
I'm still alive...just been sidelined with a cold!! Today was the first day that I felt well enough to workout. Taking it very easy but something is better than nothing. Started getting ill on Saturday and skipped Sunday, did about 10min of upper body work on Monday and that was a mistake!! Skipped Tuesday and Wednesday and got back at it today. Just a simple 25min Jane Fonda total body workout. On a somewhat positive Delta is slowly adding some service back to First Class, still very bare bones and lacking behind other airlines. Also, United might be adding Melbourne, FL to it's network.

Geoff (Cough, Cough!) and Cooper!
Hey guys! (That’s a fairly typical Philly greeting);)

Geoff, I’m sorry that you’ve been so ill! It sounds awful.
I’m pretty much uneducated when it comes to airlines. I rarely fly and if I do it’s to the same old places. I’m assuming the changes you mention will positively impact your fall trip?

Lisa, Is spring holding up in your area? It’s really warm here! Thunderstorms due today. Hopefully the wash most of the snow away. It’s melting quickly.

Today is a rest day so KY15m, Pilates Ab connection breathwork 22m

Have a good day!
Hi all

Geoff I hope you feel better soon, I can’t stand Spring colds. I like Lannette only fly once a year and it’s always to the West Coast.

Lannette - it has been warm and humid here but no sun. Hopefully the sun will reappear with weekend.

Today was RWH LI Hiit 1 and 2 plus Abs and yoga.

Have a great day.
Lisa: My past few trips have been from Melbourne up to Chicago to catch the Amtrak out west and back home. 2019 I flew to LAX to catch the train and go up the Pacific Coast to Seattle and back track to Portland to fly back home. Back to work :)
Today was KY15m, Stott Essential Stability Chair 45m I’m always surprised at how upper body intense a good chair WO can be.

Glad you’re feeling well enough to return to work Geoff.

The last patches of snow are almost gone! We’ve had years where they didn’t melt until late April, early May so this is a treat.

Have a great weekend!
Hi all

Geoff - so glad you are feeling better, Your trip sounds great!

Lannette - we have NO snow left :)

Today was a hour hike (first of the season!) and yoga.

Have a great day.
Today was KY15m, Stott Total Body Toning with small Ball 21m, Cardio Trifecta 45m My body feels so good! Used but not abused. :)

Geoff, I hope you’re continuing to feel well.

Lisa, Our snow piles are shrinking and our trees are budding. The seasonal brooks aren’t as loud as in a more normal year. Despitespring is coming.

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