Wedding video review?


Can someone tell me what the wedding video is like? I know that a lot of people like it and that it is thought of as an introduction to Cathe. Can anyone give a specific review, especially of the weights section, eg, is it very high rep like muscle endurance or more moderate rep like MIS? I am wondering whether to get this if there are any VHS videos left (shame it isn't on DVD).

Thanks in advance.



the wedding video is pretty good workout. the step workout is not as intricate with the choregraphy but still instense.its pretty dated but i still love to pull it out when i just can't handle to much choreography but still want a moderately instense workout.

the weight section isn't like cathes other weight workouts. in this workout she only uses one set of dumbbells and i guess you would say its high rep b/c the purpose of the workout is to bring out some definition and not necessarily strength and size. with the leg work she uses no weights,and only does one or two exercises for each muscle group. its not an overly hard video but i guess you can make it harder with heavier weights if you can handle that many reps with heavy weights. i use it more for light days when i don't feel like lugging out all my heavy weights and barbell. i use 3,5,and 8's for this workout myself. have you watched the preview??


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Can anyone recommend any other step routines with similar choreography? The Wedding tape is one of my favorite step workouts.


Step Heat. After learning Wedding tape that is the one I got.

By the way, I think the Wedding tape is underated and wish it was put on DVD (SNM, are you lurking?)

The strength workout, IMHO, is a perfect beginner strength workout and also is great when you have to get back into it slowly due to illness or injury.

I find the step choreography allows you to really get your heart rate up without tripping all over the step to learn intricate moves.

I do this tape when I want a light Cathe, but it's anything but light, and I do most of her other workouts too.

Cathe, please put this on DVD? OR - redo it and update it? Okay, now I'm asking too much.;-)
Oh, my all time favorite comeback tape. I've been on and off workouts for over six months because of extenuating circumstances beyond my control. However, I am a free bird (read retired) as of January 16th. I plan to hit the fitness trail again with a vengance and I will begin with GISFYW. It eases you either back to workouts or works when you are not feeling very strong some days. I would not ever put this tape on the back burner. It works in so many different ways and for so many different reasons. For me, it is a real classic. ;-)


Thanks for the responses.

I've looked at the video clip but couldn't really tell what the rep range was like because the video cuts in and out of different exercises. I don't want a mega high rep or too-difficult workout.

It sounds like this could be worth buying as I'm trying to get back into regular workouts, and most of my Cathe workouts (done in their entirety) are too difficult at the moment. I have started back rotating basic step, total body sculpt, and basic stretch, which have been great. (I'm looking forward to getting back up to the level of IMAX-2 again!)

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