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Okay, so uploaded the new version of the workout blender, because I gave up a long time ago on the original beta release. (my videos were blacked out). And now it keeps freezing on me. I followed instructions on the "For Users with 80% Complete or Videos Not Importing Problems)"-I was able to upload some more videos, but then it froze on me. Now what to do?
Hello Eva,

If you could provide a couple pieces of information to me, I can help troubleshoot your problem a little better. At what point is the WB freezing; what are you/the WB doing at the time it has the problem? Is it consistently the same place/time/video, or different? Your answers will help to narrow down the causes. Thanks!
-So the videos start downloading, I can tell because they show then names of them. Then all of a sudden it stops. So I started manually dragging them in and then I get a pop up sign saying something like-"retrieving your Cathe videos, please do not move them from the original folder". The first couple of times, I thought it was actually retrieving the videos and I thought that because I own almost all of Cathes' video downloads, so I left it alone for 4+ hours. After 4 hours, it hadn't downloaded anything. The screen was just frozen with the pop up sign and none of the videos were downloaded. It seems to be freezing at the same point each time. Also, I use a PC and its run by Vista.
Hello Eva,

It sounds like the problem is with the libraries we use for importing videos and the version of Vista you a using (I saw in another thread you said you were using the 64 bit version). We are having a similar problem on the Mac with incompatibilities with 64 bit software and waiting for the open source developers to update the libraries that our software coders employ. I will pass on your problems to the programmers as another example of the 64 bit issues we are encountering. Thanks for your patience...I will post when we are able to get this sorted out.

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