Was it your thyroid or was it wishful thinking

My dog is getting old. The vet tested her thyroid and found it on the hypothyroid side, but still within normal limits. Vet gave dog small dose thyroid med because research was showing sometimes old dogs do better with a bit of thyroid boost, even the ones on the low side of normal.

I said, "Oh, I wish they could do that for humans!" and he said, "Go to an endocrinologist and see what she says."

I answered, "My PCP did a thyroid test for me and it turned out it's a bit low, but still within normal limits. So I guess it sucks for me to be 48 and fat." To which he replied, "Endocrinologists see it a bit differently. It can't hurt to go check."

I'm thinking, "I don't want to be another one of those chubby almost 50-somethings who go to the doctor hoping their symptoms are something else besides "You're just getting old. That's why you're fat. Tough luck."

What would you do?

Thanks for reading.
I would go. The normal ranges for thyroid levels have been in flux the last five years. Did your PCP check just your TSH? Or did the PCP check your FT4 also? My doctor did a whole panel on me. If you are having other symptoms like fatigue, dry skin, or foggy brain then definitely. Or it might be other hormones like estrogen or testosterone. If you feel bad, it doesn't hurt to go. Write a list of your symptoms and bring it with you.


She just did the TSH one. What was the outcome of your tests?
TSH will not show if you have thyroid issues. A free T3 and T4 test should be done to get a baseline. My tsh was always in the normal according to the lab values but I am actually very hypothyroid. My t3 and t4 were very low. Some doctors will also treat if you are having symptoms even if your labs are within range. I actually requested the labs because my tsh was slowly climbing but still within normal. I have probably been hypothyroid for years. I would get additional tests done.


Go!!! (Just my opinion)
I had my levels (TSH, T3, and T4) tested, and my TSH was 2.7. My dr said I might feel better if it was closer to 2 (keep in mind that 5 is clinically 'normal' in most places). I was reluctant to take the meds (because the idea of any 'permanent' meds is scary to me), but I decided to try it. I'm on the lowest dose possible of thyroid meds (for hypothyroid). I feel so. much. better. I didn't struggle with weight loss, but my moods are just so much better/resilient. If something somewhat bad/annoying happens, I don't get crushed by it.
From my experience, I say go, but find a dr (endo or otherwise) who's hormone- and thyroid-savvy. As you've found, most PCPs just shrug and don't do anything about it.
So it really works then. What changes did you experience after you started taking the meds?
Increased energy. Less grumpy. More alert. Ummm...more "frisky" towards the hubs. ;)
Before I was on the medication, my hands and feet hurt a lot and now they don't. My skin is no longer so dry.

So I know some people lose weight after taking the meds, I did not. But I started lifting heavier and eating a lot more. I went from wearing L-XL clothes to wearing M-L clothing.

My doctor uses the 0.4-4.0 range for TSH. One time my test came back 3.9 which is technically "normal" but I was not feeling the best. I told my dr. how I was feeling and she adjusted my dose. I feel the best when it's at 1-2 range.


I was dragging all day. Trying to workout, but just didn't have the energy to do anything productive. I was gaining weight, and couldn't figure it out. When I finally dragged myself to an Endo, I was put on medication. My mood improved instantly, I no longer felt like my butt was dragging a half inch off the floor, I felt like me again. The only downside? My Endo has recommended I stay away from gluten. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Syndrome, a thyroid autoimmune disease.

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