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This is really picky... let me apologize for my OCD ahead of time.

One is given the option to view “by series”. There is a miscellaneous group at the bottom for one-offs. The problem, is, some series are in here. For example, the sadly-unnamed 2006 series (butts n guts, etc) and the 2013 series (great glutes, lean legs, etc).

Cathe, these are awesome videos being treated like red-headed step children! Please name them, and file them in the appropriate place! Thank you.


Staff member
Hi yogini72, these workouts you mentioned are individual workouts and are properly classified as we don't regard them as a "true" series. People just refer to them as the 2006 series and the 2013 series, but they really are not what we regard as one of our "Workout Series" as there was no common theme when these workouts were made.

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