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You can now view the first set of Flickr photos from the Chicago Road Trip. We still have over 10,000 more pictures to go through and process and will post these as soon as we can. To view photos click on the following link and then select the 2012 Chicago Road Trip Photo Set: Cathe Dot Com's photosets on Flickr

You can download any picture you like for free.


Wow, those are great pictures, capturing all those moments. So, many, too! Thank you for sharing these, Cyndi, and others can enjoy the experience!


Thanks to Cyn, John & Steve for capturing such an awesome weekend! LOVED re-living all these great times!


Thanks for taking all these great shots! This is my first time using Flicker so I'm not familliar how to download from someone elses picture files. I have tried a few different ways (including reading the FAQ's) but I'm not sure if the pictures are "blocked".

Could you please let me know how to download/print? Thanks!


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