Video Clip of of Our 100th Cathe Live Video


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Our 100th Cathe Live Workout Video

This video clip is from Cathe's (Thursday, May 5th at 9:15am EST) "Quick Fix Kickboxing plus 100 Reps Boxing Bonus Challenge plus Step & Weight Drills " Live workout and is our 100th Cathe Live production.

Find your groove & let's move with this fun filled high energy class. Start out with kickboxing classics sprinkled with blasts and then, you guessed it, comes our 100 Reps Boxing Bonus Challenge. You'll be boxing on the heavy bag (or following me without a heavy bag) for 100 rep punches & football runs. Then pull out your step (platform only) and some moderate weights (10's & 12's) and get ready for some fast paced step cardio & weight drills. Leave room for dessert because we're finishing with quick fix core work too. Are you tired yet?!?! See you in the morning ready to rumble!!!


Boxing gloves (optional) A step platform only (no risers) A set of moderate weight dumbbells (10's or 12's) A fitness mat

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Yes, I rumbled today with this Quick Fix workout!
Every punch, jab, step and drill gets your breathe and heart beating. Let's not forget the core work - sit ups into push ups times 5 and all under 52 mins. Those 12#ers felt a bit heavy today - need to amp up my upper body!

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