Video Clip of "Low Impact HiiT Circuit Live"


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This video clip is from Cathe's "Low Impact HiiT Circuit Live" video that was first broadcast on Thursday, Feb 12th on Cathe Live and is our 38th live broadcast. Come join Cathe for an energizing, all low impact, interval workout. In this class you will alternate low impact hiit drills with compound strength training exercises. We are gonna "work work"!

Equipment Needed...
A set of the following handweights:
8's, 10's, 12's & 15's.
A fitness mat.

*Now you can workout with Cathe almost every week at her Gym no matter where you live! All broadcasts are recorded and may be viewed whenever you like 24/7.Sign Up today! Learn more about Cathe Live and OnDemand or sign up at


HI Cathe!
I loved this work out! It was great fun and I am so glad it was low impact! I have knee and back issues so it was great to follow a work out as is. I usually have to modify anything with impact. Please add more low impact to your cathe live. I have found I am doing the cathe live almost all the time over your dvds. i don't know what it is but there is something about them that I really enjoy!
All the best to you!

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