Why is it that people seem to have no filter when it comes to talking to pregnant women?

I'm 24 weeks at this point, and at my last doc's apt, I had gained 10 lbs total. I'm all belly, and straight out front with the baby.
Today, some woman at the office decided to inform me that I had "quite a hefty load out front" already, being that I'm not due until June!!!

Now normally, I would fire back with some loaded and awful comment...but I was in the office and clearly I can't do that.

All along, I've been feeling great, still working out hard 4 days/week.....and now I feel like a house. I already felt big to begin with - I'm only 5'2" and have had a flat stomach my whole life. But thanks to this woman, I'm really down on myself now.

I just needed to rant to folks that might understand.

Thanks for listening.
Don't be down on yourself! It sounds like you are doing Awesome!!!

I don't know what it is about being pregnant, but you all of a sudden become fair game for all rude comments and touches!!!

I agree, for some reason people make some of the rudest comments to pregnant women!

Please don't waste any time feeling bad about this! You are doing a great job with your workouts and I am sure you look great.

I've spent most of this pregnancy trying to ignore all the comments from people on how "huge" I look and how much "bigger" I am than when I was pregnant with my son and vs. other pregnant women who are due at the same time as me. I am also 5'2. I am 35 weeks and have gained about 25 pounds and I know I feel healthy and strong. Some days it does get me down, but I try not to let it.
This is seriously one of my pet peeves. I've had comments on my size, a lecture on how I'm damaging the environment because we have so many kids, comments on whether we know how to "keep that from happening", tragic and scary pregnancy stories, etc, etc--not to mention total strangers think they can come up and touch my belly! (actually that doesn't bother me too much as it's usually done in a nice way, but still--I would never do that--)Oh and here's the topper a MAN told me at length how labor pain was all psychological and could be avoided with the right frame of mind!

Anyway, 10 lbs is great--I've gained about 22 and I'm only 16 weeks. I carry mine all out front too because I'm 5'4 and short waisted. I already look like some women do when they are ready to deliver. See eyes pop when I say I'm due in August!

I'll bet you look adorable. Don't listen to that woman. I know it's easier said than done, because people's comments can be so hurtful to us especially when we are so hormonal and all.

Hang in there. You'll get that flat stomach back post partum. See if you can find Cathe's pregnancy pictures on the website--she gained about 40 lbs and carried all out front--so cute!

take care
I am sick of the comments too! One woman asked me what I was having and I told her that we are having another girl. Her response, "That's ok." I wanted to snap back and say, "No kidding!" but I was too flabbergasted at her comment so I told her I was in a hurry and left.

I am sure that you look fabulous. I have gained more with this pregnancy but I don't care. The doctors are not concerned as long as everyone is healthy. I know that chasing after two kids and doing Cathe workouts will get me back in shape...even if things have relocated a little bit!
>I am sick of the comments too! One woman asked me what I was
>having and I told her that we are having another girl. Her
>response, "That's ok." I wanted to snap back and say, "No
>kidding!" but I was too flabbergasted at her comment so I
>told her I was in a hurry and left.

I'm often pretty shocked at what people will say. I've had several people I don't know from Adam ask if I'm "okay" with having two girls or if we're planning to "try again"! "Try again?!?" In this day and age? And girls were what we were hoping for.

Don't worry about the weight either. I gained 50 lbs with the last pregnancy and it had all fallen off within 6 months. I think Cathe said somewhere that she gained 45 with her 2nd and look at her now.

Take care.


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