Vegan or Vegetarian Cookbooks


This is a gift for my sister. She eats mostly vegetarian, and is considering going vegan, but doesn't know how on a budget. She's going to be in college soon.

Dietary Restrictions:
Low Fat, possibly high fiber
because of GB removal
She can eat cheeses like Feta, but
not soft cheese
(or she doesn't like soft cheese, I forget,:rolleyes:
ice cream, milk, etc.
she drinks soymilk instead

She loves ethnic food, asian in particular.


I am currently obsessed with the new book The Sprouted Kitchen. Almost wholly veg (just a few seafood recipes, but the author offers veg/vegan substititles for everything). It's a gorgeous and amazing book!!
I also like books by Peter Berley, who used to be the executive chef at one of NYs best vegan restaurants. Another thought is a subscription to Vegetarian Times magazine, which will give her a whole year of ideas!


Those all sound great! A little seafood is ok.
When she eats meat it is usually fish or chicken. She's in FL, so tons of great fresh seafood there. I'll look those up today :)
Thanks for the fast reply.


Thanks for this thread! I'm trying to find some vegetarian cookbooks myself. Hope some more Cathletes chime in.


no problem! I wish I had some to suggest too, but when it comes to vegan I'm pretty clueless. Then when she needs to eat on a budget, but can't eat very many beans, kinda takes all the wind out of my sails lol.
Tofu is pretty cheap too. With some great recipes she could do tofu once in awhile. Plus it lasts forever in the fridge.
I'm loving the 'cottage cheese' , mac & cheese, and different versions of mariated and baked tofu. I'm not trying to eat veg or vegan myself, but exploring the non-meat options will help me with weightloss, and the veggie burgers cost next to nothing to make myself. Love that! I just brought home loads of split peas and other ingredients to make enough for an army, then load into the freezer.
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I have been making more vegan dishes lately. I am not a real vegan but it helps to keep the cholesterol down. I love Karma Chow and have not found a recipe in it that I have not liked. I use Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian off and on. Engine 2 is a good book with recipes. I have one in my cart on Amazon the I want and it is called Vegan on the Cheap and simple strategies that save you money by Robin Robertson.


This is when I miss Borders, because the way I like to find books is to flip through them before I decide. I admit, I often pick them based on the pictures.


Check out Amazon - you can flip through some books, including The Sprouted Kitchen. They sometimes even give you one or two recipes for free!
I know you're looking for a cookbook, but just want to add that blogs are a great resource for (free!) recipes.

One of my favorite blogs for vegan recipes is Oh She Glows, and below is a link to a post where she describes her favorite vegan-friendly cookbooks. Maybe one of the books she reviewed will stand out to you to buy for your sister.

Vegan-Friendly Cookbooks, Part I


There is a Student's Vegetarian Cookbook --not sure of the exact name but you can find it on amazon. Right now my favorite is Crazy, Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr.


I'm vegan and love several cookbooks:

The Happy Herbivore
Everyday Happy Herbivore
Happy Herbivore Abroad
Appetite for Reduction: 125 Fast & Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipes
Engine 2

There are also TONS of websites dedicated to the vegan/plant-based lifestyle. TONS!


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