Use Cathe on Demand with both Fire and Roku in the same house?


Hi! I have been using Cathe on Demand and Live on the Roku in my workout room, but I also have a Fire Cube in the living room and sometimes, when I have the luxury of the room to myself, I like to work out in that room.

However, I can't seem to log into the Fire Cube on either the Demand or Live app. It's giving me an invalid password or screen name error. Is there a restriction on how many devices I can be logged in with?

BTW thank you for the upgrade of the Roku App! I've only used it once but it's so much better. :)


Staff member
Hi dobegirrrl, no we don't have any restrictions on the number of devices you can use. It sounds like your log in information isn't correct. Are you sure you're logging in correctly to our Fire apps?

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