Undulating Warriors Jan 25-Jan 31


Hi Warriors,

I did 30/30 today and Chest and Back. Good challenge today for the chest & back. By the end of the 4th set of chest exercises, I was at muscle failure by rep 6. Heavy wts will get you, you know! 30/30 still hard, but a nice change from 40/20!
I'm still sniffling today, but was able to take both a mid-morning & late evening catnap. Very rejuvenating! I'm planning Core Cardio Circuit tomorrow---it will be the first time doing it for me.

Cathy, How exciting that you were able to up your 1RM for the chest work! :)
I'll be curious to see your new undulating rotation once you get it done. The randomness sound like it will be fun! Hope your boys survived the "dreaded Monday" ;)

Heather, I think it's always hard to get back to cardio after a break from it. I'm sure Plyo legs tomorrow will be easier. We had a snow delay here this morning, so my daughter and I got to sleep a little later today! :)

Janis & MJ, hope your week is starting well!



Good Morning Ladies

Can you believe we are back to Meso 3! And what a shock it is….muscle confusion here we come. I did back and chest this morning, disc 28, at first my mind would not let me lift the weight I was supposed to, but after the first set I was able to push past my perceived limitations. Tara, I saw your post late last night, you inspired me to do 30/30 also. Towards the end, during the squat thrust jumps, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, so I paused the dvd, while I caught my breath and re-grouped I wondered if you paused at the same spot too! I said out loud – “we can do this!” Congrats on the extra winks this morning and the naps, you’ll kick this cold to the curb in no time.

Heather – Welcome back! Speaking of sleep – sounds like you are due for some naps too. Criminee – what a brutal travel itinerary. On the upside – way to go on the shoe score! Given how quickly we go through our running shoes, finding a deal is like hitting the mother-lode. Lol! Wicked was fabulous. I had never heard of the book until yesterday. Sometimes I feel like I live under a rock! The production was beautiful from beginning to end, the singing, the orchestra, the performances – all were fantastic. I just may order Imax2 today, I have the early one – the one that is on sale right now, which I think I’ll pull out to get practice, I’ll use it as add on to the end of my regular workouts. I thought of you this morning when I stepped on the scale and notice a sudden two pound weight loss. My calories in/calories out haven’t really changed in the last week, but a few days ago I stopped eating grains again – no oats, wheat, corn, etc… and I have been watching my sodium. Remember when you mentioned celiac and food sensitivities to me? Well – you were right! Your comment about the conference being a bit of a gong show at times made me belly laugh. :D

Tara – one other thing, you’ve also inspired me to do a bit of “spring cleaning”. With all this crappy weather I am not venturing out much, so it’s a good time to shovel out my clothes closet. My youngest son just helped me complete a project that I have been plugging away at – I am sending out all of our print photos to be scanned. 5400 single images! Plus 200 slides and 200 negatives! What a relief to have it ready to ship off, each fire season I worry I am go to lose all the baby photos.

Cathy – No sunshine here either. Dreary is right. I have to keep reminding myself that we need this water, and that this sort of weather pattern (el nino) happens every few years or so, but it does make me feel like Googling for ark-building plans. How’s your dh’s back? Did the boys survive the hygienist and dreaded Monday?

MJ – How many risers are you using on your step? And now that I think about it, do you come close to hitting the ceiling? How are your DOMS from back and biceps?

Next up – shower and food. :D


Good morning Everyone
Wow I really like that disc 29 - Plyo legs. In some places it was really hard and others not too bad. I tried to up my weights a little so that was good too. I actually did the sit and stands with weight on my right leg (it is always my weaker one). I was totally beat last night and went to bed at 9:30. I was toast by 6:30. I guess I am catching up! Hopefully not getting sick!

I got on the scale today and I know that it is a bad time as it's that time and I just got back from the trip and am full of sodium but I think I really needed to see the worst and it's the worst. I lost alot of weight when I started running about 4 years ago and haven't really looked back but now I am at the highest that I have been since starting on my fitness journey. I know that it must be diet because I am not lacking in workouts. The funny thing is that my clothes are all still fitting and I have not gone up a size. I need to start tracking what I eat, drinking more water ( this seems to be an issue for me) and making sure that I eat enough veggies! There I said it... I need to get on the path!

Janis - I find that I can't get completely way from grains (rice flour and corn and GF oats) or I go into carb remission. I really need to get focused on my calorie intake actually is! Glad you enjoyed Wicked! IMAX2 is just plain fun, Cathe has a tonne of energy and I always feel so accomplished when I am done!

Tara - I hope you have a wonderful week! It just started snowing here again so who knows what we are in for. I am not looking forward to chest and back this week. I always feel like it is too long somehow but your comments are getting me ready for tomorrow! I am just not sure what I will follow it up with!

Cathy- I am heading to the dentist today too, hope your boys had a clean bill of health! How is the ankle??? So are you able to walk normally now?
How did this morning go?

MJ- I must have missed a post from you.... your hitting the ceiling? I am confused! Having said that, when I used to do step in the basement I would get close to the ceiling! with my hands but now that I have moved upstairs (away from the concrete floor and plantar facitis) then that has solved the problem... haven't tried 40/20 yet so 4 risers could prove interesting! Hope your week is going well!

Tomorrow is chest and back and hopefully an outside run or Athletic step! We'll see what the weather holds!
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I'm finding that I really like mixing up the Meso's and having a different style of workout each week. No way my muscles are going to figure out what's going on this way. ;)

Ok, so I was looking at the calendar and realized that the date I had decided to start cardio, was also the earliest date my doctor said I'd be jumping on and off 10" platforms. So, once again I was underestimating what I can do. I did that with my knee and I'm still dealing with that at times 20+ years later. No normal movements are bothering it at all, so this morning I did Kick Max Low impact including the leg drills. The only thing I changed from usual was to march in place instead of jumping jacks and my leg appears to be just fine. I also did the abs from LIC plus some calf raises. Will see how it feels later, but since there's no pain, I'm guessing that at most my legs will be a bit sore from the lack of use they've been experiencing. I had no problems doing the leg drills, but I did feel it more than usual.

My pecs are really sore today and my back a bit, too. Hopefully all that punching will loosen things up a bit.

Heather the boys did fine at the dentist. They also act like going is torture, but they were totally fine and quite chatty with the staff/dentist. Derek had one small filling that had fallen out and needs replacing, but other than that no problems.

I also find that my weight totally revolves around my diet. I never had to really diet in my life and just eating healthier always cut it, but right now I really have to make myself be extra careful if I want this bit of extra weight I have to go away this time.

Well we are back to light snow again here. After about two weeks with no snow and it being January and all I do realize that's it's quite a reasonable weather activity to expect, but I do wish it would happen on a day I don't have to go anywhere. :rolleyes:


Good Morning Warriors!

I ran this morning, 45 minutes 5 miles. I came inside to give MMA Fusion a whirl, and stopped (again) at the roll backs, up on one leg, sumo move. I think I need to watch the workout in slo-mo. I just couldn't get my legs tucked so I could roll up to kneeling and stand without getting tangled up.

Heather - Your clothes fitting despite a weight gain may mean (among other things) that your muscles are denser. One thing I appreciated about BFFM is Tom stressed that measurements make a better guide. There are so many day-to-day contributing factors that lead to fluctuations - like water, sodium, and glycogen, just to name a few, for the scale to give us positive and realistic feed back. (I am saying this to myself as much as I am saying it to you, because you know I am a slave to the scale and it can ruin my whole day - or week!)

The grain cravings are something I wrangle with also - laying off of the ones I react to seems to have helped, I will eat rice a couple of times a week, plus yams, potatoes, seeds, and nuts, which keep the cravings to a minimum. At least that's what I have been telling myself.:p

Cathy - When do you see the doctor again? You are healing and progressing really well - maybe he will give you the all clear sooner....? Our body's ability to heal itself always amazes me. Your muscles will bounce back so quickly it will be like you never had to rest. :) Way to go on Kickmax!

MJ and Tara - I hope both you lovely ladies got your workouts accomplished today and are basking in well-deserved endorphins.

Tomorrow - Plyo Wednesday for me.:D
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Hi Ladies,

I did Core Cardio Circuit today--it was my first time as you know. The cardio was challenging, but after doing HiiT for 3 wks, it wasn't un-doable. It will be one that I reach for when I need a good cardio workout. I had to modify a lot of the core work---the MMA rolls or any other than required rolling back & then foward, then standing--I couldn't do. I think it is because I'm a thick mama! I didn't really mind too much. I just modified and appreciated that she showed so many ways to modify. I think once I get some poundage off, I will hopefully become more flexible and able to do the rolly-polly stuff! I did enjoy the workout, nevertheless. Awesome music! I'm happy to say that I'm almost over my cold & hope my energy will be back to normal tomorrow.

Janis, we must be telepathically connected. Squat thrusts are among the most challenging exercises for me. I did hit pause for a few extra seconds before AND after the squat thrusts! The "spring cleaning" has started off slowly since I've been tired with the cold and all. I did some light cleaning/organizing, but need to hit it hard tomorrow!

Heather, I miss Plyo legs! Glad that you had fun with it. I must admit that Chest and Back seems like a looonnng workout. I actually took a 5 minute break in the middle because I got hungry---slurped down some lowfat choc milk. Funny, today my triceps and shoulders were more DOMSy than the chest and back. I think they were working hard lifting the heavy weights. I've been saying OW every time I lift my arms high today!
I think Janis gave some great advice regarding the weight gain. Muscle weighs more than fat, you know. I'm hoping the scale will be nice to me come Friday.

Cathy, I'm so excited that you were able to do some cardio today! :) I hope it won't be long before you can start some of the Shock cardio workouts. I've really enjoyed them.

MJ, Hello to you!

As tempting as plyo legs sounds, I'll be doing squat rack legs round 2 tomorrow!

Have a great evening!
Janis I actually got the all clear from the dr. when I was in last time. It's just a matter of getting back enough strength to do the harder moves.

A big high five to you for your run. I am just not a outdoor person in the winter. Anything above 50 yes, below forget it. I'll go out grudgingly only if I have to. :D

BTW did I mention earlier that my pecs are SORE!!!! :eek:

Tara YAY on doing Cardio Core Circuit. I thought that one looked like lots of fun.
YIKES! Apparently, while I have been working my shoulders hard once a week with STS this is NOT the same as the way they are worked when punching. Usually I get DOMS at 24 hrs, but my shoulders are killing me from doing KM this morning. My sides are sore, too. So, unless things change dramatically by morning I'm thinking I'll move my Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps workout to Thursday, because I'm thinking it would not be a good idea to do shoulder work tomorrow. With my pec muscles really screaming and my back a bit sore, my upper body is majorly cussing me out right now.


Good Evening Warriors!

Yesterday I did 30/30 and chest & back and today I did step moves this morning and played tennis tonight, so I am on target for this week so far.

Janis - Great job on your run. I used to use only the platform for step since I was carrying the extra weight and needed to protect my joints. It finally dawned on me that my body can use the risers now without a problem so I started with one level of risers with this rotation. My goal is to not have to modify down the jumping etc now that I raised the step, so far so good and its really helping the cardio endurance too. Luckily being only 5 ft tall I dont hit the ceiling when I step, although the ceiling fan is low enough that I occasionally hit it with my hand when jumping on the step with my arms straight up... this is why its always off when I work out. lol

Cathy - Great to hear the news on your healing, you will be back to torturing yourself fully along with the rest of us in no time. I am enjoying the mixing of the mesos too, it really does keep confusing the body, the only drawback is there is always some sort of DOMS going on, but I am one of those who sadly enough enjoys the feeling of DOMS most of the time. lol

Heather - I am on board with the cleaning up of the eating. Eventhough I have been working out since coming back from vacation, I havent quite adjusted back to my pre-vacation eating patterns, time to tighten it back up so I can get this last 25lbs off. So far the eating and working out have balanced eachother out so I am still okay weight wise. I pulled back out BFFM too and will be reviewing a few things to get my mind back in gear.

Tara - Nice job on Cardio Core Circuit. I havent tried that one yet, but I finally previewed it and it looks interesting. I think its on the rotation for me next week.

Alright, time to relax and watch others play tennis again.

Talk to you all tomorrow. :cool:


Hey Guys

I did Chest and Back this morning and I too was a little scared to go as heavy as the manager said but I did in most cases!. I still made the breaks a little less so that I could fit the workout in this morning. I am volunteering at the school today so I needed to be done on time.

This afternoon I had planned on a run but it is just cold, windy and raw outside so I will try a steady state on the treadmill and then do MMA Boxing .

I feel much better today about my weight etc. It is amazing what PMS can do to your self esteem. I really do need to get things in check though, so I will be doing some reading and some meal planning tonight I think.

MJ - Glad to hear you are on track so far! Have you been following BFFM for weight loss so far?

Cathy - That is great that you can get back into things... I am sure that you will be back up and jumping sooner than you think...I loved MJ's comment that you'll be back to killing yourself like the rest of us! Congrats on Kickmax... I really like that workout too!

Tara- Hope your cold is better. Congrats on Cardio Core Circuit. What did you sub in for the roll backs to standing then jump? Those just seem wrong to me for so many reasons, back, knees, besides that they make me feel like I'm going to die. I think that I'll be forever challenged by them! I like the ones in Fusion that you go up onto your one knee though.

Janis - I am so desperate to run outside! Whenever it's a day that the weather is good enough to go then the kids are home and the days they both are in school then the weather is bone chilling. I am going to try and listen to something on my ipod and see if that helps!

Talk to you all tomorrow
Ok, so with screaming pecs and very stiff shoulders I opted for something different today. I ended up doing Low Max Step Only premix with just the platform. My cardio endurance has apparently not taken a huge dive, because it wasn't at all hard from that aspect. I did extra stretching between the warm-up and first combo and my leg handled it just fine. Then I followed that with MMA Kick Box core. I really like it, but it uses 5 lb weights which my pecs weren't thrilled with my managed. Then the last move involves push-ups and also a twisting of the food, so I opted to just do standard planks during that. I think someone would have had to pay me a great deal of money before I would have attempted even one push-up!

MJ congrats on all the workouts! So do you have Step Moves down? I do like having some DOMS, but I've decided that I'd be quite ok if they didn't last more than 24 hrs. :D

Very busy day today. Homeschool group at the gym this afternoon, a stop at the library and back home for an early supper than off to baseball practice for both boys and then directly to basketball for the older one. My main goal will be to just make sure I have decent food for everyone at all the appropriate times! And it's snowing lightly and very cold. Windchill around zero. Oh well, it really makes me appreciate spring when it arrives!


Happy Wednesday Warriors!

I should probably clarify that my run yesterday was outside, in the garage, on the treadmill. I am too wimpy to run in freezing rain on a muddy isolated road. If I had waited a day, I could have run today in sunshine with a 10 degree increase in the morning temperature. Ah - that's how it goes sometimes, right? Just like Heather, with her boys being home when it is nice, and at school when the weather is dreadful. :D

What I did today is going to sound so tame and mild, but it is an accomplishment for me. I did Plyo 29, as planned, and then did Basic Step with one set of risers. The first time I attempted this dvd was in the summer, before I was diagnosed with the stress fracture, this time around I was able to do the whole routine - in step, ha!, following all the choreography to the end. No rewinds. Yay I'm getting it! :D:D

Cathy -I'm jealous of your pec Doms, or would that be DOPS? I don't have pec DOMS. Ah, man, I must not have lifted heavy enough. Monday I used dumbbells, because I didn't want to load and unload the barbell between chest and back, evidently it wasn't enough weight. (note to self: Must get that second bar-bell.) I must have forgotten that you had the all clear from your doc. Hey - we can do basic step together! lol.

Tara - I was thinking about doing Core Cardio Circuit tomorrow, now you tell me there are more rolly-pollys! I guess I better preview it! How did squat rack go today? I have been working on my closet, in little 5-10 minute chunks, it's starting to look and feel a lot better. Hey, I am glad you are starting to feel better too, now you can enjoy your last week off to do what you want!

Heather - Go Warrior girl gol! STS, MMA Boxing, a S-S run and volunteering at the school today! Wow. Impressive. Those hormonal shifts sure are tough, aren't they? Men think they have it rough living with the roller-coaster, but I think it is harder for us women. :)

MJ - Your progress with the step, and adding risers is inspirational and motivating! I am only 5'4" but when I have 4 risers on, for plyo, I hit the ceiling each and every time. I am sure my husband is going to wonder why there are fingerprints up there. lol!

Heather and MJ - what chapters are you going to review in BFFM? I'll join you.

Eats and shower and eat again - in that order.:D


Hi All,

I ended up taking a rest day on Wednesday. Today, I got up early and did Squat Rack Legs. My legs were really feeling it. They were fried by the end of the workout. I tried to do MMA Fusion right after, but my legs were like NO WAY. So, I'm going to do Fusion later today. Tommorow will be HiiT Pyramid and Shoulders, Bi's and Tri's.

Heather, during the roll backs and then standing and jump up, I think I did the 4 jacks and then 2 pylo jacks. With the rolls backs/roll foward and then push-up, I did the roll back, roll foward, then rolled back & did 2 crunches instead of going into the push-up. It's my thighs that seem too big/too heavy/too stiff to roll and then go right up into a jump or right back to do push-ups. Right now, it just something that my legs say NO WAY to! I'm not that flexible right now. I'm planning to work on doing them, but ultimately I think it will take my thighs shrinking! :)

Cathy, my shoulders and arms were complaining from Monday's workout until this morning. They were so sore that yesterday I almost started to think there was something wrong! I guess it was just going back to the heavy weights again. I might go a little lighter next time I do Meso 3 chest and back. Terrific on maintaining your cardiac endurance! That's half the battle and it sounds like your ankle is tolerating the cardio just fine! :)

Janis, Congrats on doing Basic Step perfectly the first time around! When I started doing Cathe almost 2 years ago, Basic step was the first DVD I did. I hadn't really done too much step before. It's a great way to learn step and gave me the confidence to order 4DS with HIS and LIS. Now those took way longer to learn, but I'm thankful I had laid a good foundation with basic step!

MJ, how did you like Step Moves? It took me a long time to get that one down. Athletic Step is more jumping, but simpler choreography. Still, both are fun to do! Keep on enjoying the tennis!

See you all tomorrow!
Disk 30 Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps done! My shoulders still were a bit stiff, but I managed to hit all my target weights. I did go in and up a couple exercises where I thought I could have done a couple more reps. Will see what happens when we get back to Meso 3 at 90%, I may be regretting that move.

My calf is a bit sore today, but that's just part of getting the strength back. Doing legs again tomorrow so I have to figure out what to do.

Janis that's great that you are doing well with the step. Determination and perseverance will pay off. My pec DOMs are from the chest flys. For the longest time I was convinced that I couldn't go higher than 15 lbs on those and then when I started STS and began using the wrist ankle weights to slowly increase my weight I found that I could actually use up to 25 lbs. The other day I was using 24 lbs. I really wish I thought of doing that much sooner as it's helped to increase how heavy I can lift for most everything!

Tara how are your legs feeling today? Did you get in the Fusion DVD? I'm really hoping that I can jump back into the STS leg workouts soon. I'm jealous of you guys!

It's frigid here today. Windchill below zero and windy with blowing snow. I am very thankful that we have no place to go today. Going to stay cozily tucked indoors.

MJ and Heather how are you guys doing?


Hello Everyone

I did Athletic Step today and enjoyed it so much more than the last time. I must have been having a bad day when I did it before. It felt like a great workout and was just what I needed. I did do the steady state run for 30 and then did MMA Boxing. I have to say I love MMA Boxing. I don't know why. I remember people saying that it is not that hard but I was really warmed up and I could really feel my core through the whole thing. I think what ever you put in you get out. I was really sore last night so I did extra stretching and took a hot bath too. My back was a little sore from Chest and Back too. Today I don't really have DOMS except if I reach sideways for something... I think that I worse DOMS after Meso 1's chest work. I need to buy some heavier dumbells though so that I can keep increasing as I am running out of ways to make things heavier. Tomorrow I am doing Biceps, etc so that should be interesting because I just got over the DOMS from Sunday's Back and Biceps. Should be interesting. Then I am going to attempt HIIT 40/20 and see how that goes!

Tara - Fusion is deceptive for legs isn't it! I think I went for a run before it the last time I did it and really paid. I am looking forward to doing it again though. It just fun! Great job on squat rack legs. I have to fit that one in again the next time I do STS.

Janis - Still haven't cracked BFFM but will get there... I am not sure where to start again. I took your advice and listened to CC while doing the steady state... it was really hard not to do it though! How was plyo legs? I have started tracking what I am eating so we shall see how I feel at the end of the week!

Cathy - That's great that your endurance is still up there... I ready somewhere that cardio endurance takes about 2 weeks to start to fade, you must have been really fit!!! I am really looking forward to you getting to do all the workouts too, I want to hear what you think!

MJ - Hope you doing well and getting in lots of tennis! How do you like Athletic Step compared to Step Moves... I am still waiting to try that one. I am not sure what I am waiting for.

Talk to you all tomorrow!
This morning I did part of Legs & Glutes and I added 1 1/2 lb weights. Then I did parts of GS Legs with the ball and band. After that I added Body Fusion abs.

My triceps are sore from yesterday and my shoulders are rather stiff, but not nearly as bad as they were after Kick Max. My biceps not so much, but it's really hard for me to get them more than slightly sore.

Heather Wow! You have been really busy with the workouts. Once I get back to full speed, I'm hoping to add in extra cardios regularly. I'm so glad that you enjoyed Athletic Step more this time. Isn't it funny how from time to time workouts can feel so different?

Looks like it's going to be a clear, sunny day here, but dang is it cold!!! I was telling my husband last night that I'd take the cold over having snow and bad roads, but it sure will be nice when we get back to warm and no snow.


Hi Ladies,

MMA Fusion did not happen yesterday (at least not in entirety). I did the warm-up and the first combo. It was fun, but legs will still tired! Today, I did Pyramid HiiT and Shoulders, Tris and Bis. My shoulders were grumpy as I started the weight work, but then loosened up. I still felt some soreness from the chest as well. Nevertheless, I lifted all of the recommended weight and even increased a tad on the tricep exercises. :)

Cathy, my Legs were DOMSy all day yesterday and still a bit today! They felt really sore as I did HiiT with all the jumping. I guess 85% wts is what it takes to get my legs feeling sore. It'll be interesting to see how they feel when we return to Meso 3 at 90%! Glad that your leg workout went well today.

Heather, MMA Boxing is my favorite MMA workout so far. Even though I haven't done all of Fusion yet, I really have had the most fun with Boxing out of the 3 MMAs. I'm glad you enjoyed Athletic Step the second time around. It has become funner for me each time I do it as well. Good luck with biceps and HiiT 40/20 tomorrow!

Janis & MJ, Miss hearing from you two! Hope all is well.

It snowed a straight 24 hours here--finally just stopped. My DD was out of school the past 2 days. I will be staying cozy at home too! Hopefully things will begin to melt tomorrow afternoon.

I think tomorrow will be a rest day for me---I may do some abs though. I'll check if I do, otherwise I'll see you all on Sunday!



Hi Everyone!

I was out of town most of the day yesterday, and didn't have an opportunity to post, but I was able to do one of the recovery week dvds from Insanity - Core Cardio and Balance, when I got home. Interesting workout. Not too vigorous, not too light, not too long....it was just right.

This morning I was going to run, but just didn't feel like it, so I did the warm up and first combo of Step Moves. Yeah. No kidding, I surprised myself too. I was pretty proud after the warm up, but of course pride cometh before the fall. When the second combo started and I noticed I had suddenly sprouted two left feet, I stopped and put in Athletic Step. I did the warm up and first combo of it too - I am mystified how I was able to keep up with Cathe the first time I tried the dvd. (with lots of rewinding, of course.)

So, what did I do? I looked at the calendar discovered it is all hormonal. Cranky week is on the horizon.

I gave up the cardio idea, and moved on to Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps...which went well. I am glad the rests are shorter on this workout, with switching between the body parts, than with Monday's snore-fest: chest and back. I agree - that one feels too long. Maybe it's more noticeable now that we are moving between Mesocycles.

Tara - Enjoy being snowed in with your daughter. Cozy girl time sounds pretty darn good! Is your dd learning German at school? I haven't made it through Fusion either, but MMA Boxing is my favorite too.

Heather - How are your bicep DOMS? I haven't started reading BFFM. I think I'll review the discussion on Macro-nutrients and also why it is better to eat 5-6 small meals a day. I eat that frequently, but I can safely say they are not small meals. lol!

Cathy - Have you been doing calf raises, how does it feel? Other than plyo, I don't see why you couldn't start doing STS legs. You could always do Meso 1, next week, with no weights and see how it goes with lunges and squats.

MJ - Are you lost in Tennis-In-Wonderland? (laughing at my baaadd joke!)

Tomorrow I am doing squat rack legs, and maybe I'll do another cardio of some sort. I'll run on Sunday, hopefully a long steady state run. I wish I could find a long flat road to run on, in addition to the hilly one I found.

Alrighty then, must get off to make my middle ds a breakfast burrito. It technically is still morning here. :D
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Hi all!

Been a busy day today, but finally settling back in for the evening. Normally, this is my rest day, but because of scheduling I wasn't leaving early to shop, so I decided to try another cardio instead. So, I did the step only premix from IMAX 3. It has a really good warm-up and stretch, though taking out the blasts makes for a pretty short workout, since the blasts are longer than the combos in that one. I did it on 6" and I did most of the impact stuff, though it's pretty minimal as higher impact goes. No problem. My calf is a bit sore, but it's just soreness and not pain.

Janis I think you're right that I should give the STS leg workout a try next week. I'm really bad though about not wanting to have to use less weight than I was before. I KNOW it's not realistic, but mentally I just really don't like the idea. I think lunges will actually be the hardest because of the position of the back leg.

I've been doing calf raises without any problems. I've been doing them on the floor, and then moved to doing them with the 10 lb vest and then last time with 1 1/2 lb ankle weights, but on the step and so far so good. I know from reading about the injury that it's important to keep doing both the calf raises and the tibialis exercises, so this doesn't ever happen again!

I agree about liking the shorter rest periods, but some of them I could have used an extra 15 seconds for some as I had to adjust my wrist weights and kept either barely making it or having to pause briefly. I do think the differences in rest periods are more noticeable bouncing around the cycles.

Tara how do you like the Pyramid Hiit? I've seen where some people think that was is harder and others think 40/20 is harder.

Heather & MJ hope you guys are doing well!


Hi Warriors!

Today I did Step Moves and stability ball abs. It was actually the first time for me doing that ab routine. I really liked it! I will have to work up to be able to do some of the moves, especially the pikes, but I was able to do most of the exercises. :)

Cathy, I think 40/20 is harder than Pyramid. To me, Pyramid is the easiest of the 3; it seems easier that 30/30 to me. But I think it's because the step makes any workout harder for me & since Pyramid does not use the step, it seems easier. Pyramid is by no means an easier workout out though, but it's the HiiT workout that I dread the least! Congrats on doing the IMAX premix!

Janis, the second combo of Step Moves was the hardest for me to learn. Combo 3 was easier once I figured out the 1-2-3 move across the step. Today was really the first time I did Step Moves without having to rewind, and this is the 7th or 8th time I've done it. It was frustrating the first time or so! My daughter learns a little German at school. She goes to school on base which is a Department of Defense school---in other words it is an American school. They do bring in a German teacher once or twice a week to teach the students German culture and a bit of the language. I hope "cranky week" goes by quickly for you. :)

Heather & MJ, Hope you're weekend is going well so far & look forward to hearing from you both!

Tomorrow, it'll be HiiT 40/20 and Meso 1 Chest, shoulders and biceps! :) See you all then!


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