Undulating Warriors Jan 18-24!!!


Hi Athletic Warriors! :)

Sunday, I did Step Moves--I think I finally have it!!!! You can't miss one cue though, or your off! It's fun as always though! Today, I did HiiT 40/20, Disc 13-Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and Yoga style Abs. I was off of work today, so it was a midday workout for me. 40/20---WHOOOAAA!!!! Now that was tough stuff! I somehow missed that there were 3 one minute breaks throughout the workout, and I was so happy when Cathe said, "now you get a minute to rest"! The intervals were tough for me. I tried to match the step height they were using. Very tough. I made it through most of the intervals, but ended up taking longer rest periods. This will be one I'll have to work up to! But I'm going to try it again probably on Friday.

Felt good to be doing Meso 2--it's probably my favorite. My pecs burning so much by the end of all the chest work. Same with the shoulders & triceps. Then I did yoga-style abs, which were hard since it had a lot of planks or moves in which your shoulders and chest had to support your body weight. Note to self--don't do yoga abs after chest & shoulder work!!!

Cathy, So glad to read that you are progressing and were able to do some calf work! I hope your husband gets to feeling better. I imagine he was so anxious to get back to working out that he thought jumping in would both feet would be fine. :) I hope he won't have to wait much longer. :)

Janis, I always feel wobbly when I do the Meso 1 wall squats. When I did STS the first time, it took awhile before I could pick up the weights when I went down. I still struggle with good form and balance, even though I can get the weights now! I love living in Germany---it really is a wonderful opportunity. It's so easy to travel throughout Europe. I definitely want to enjoy it as long as I can. I have a German made car too & love it!
I enjoy being a NP and hope to see more in practice. :)

Heather, I hope you rested better last night. I've been blessed not to have too many issues with my back, but the rare times I have pulled a muscle or something, I realized that when it hurts it hard to do anything, even rest comfortably! I will do Core Cardio very cautiously! I have a friend who was stationed here before me & she ended up marrying a German. Several other friends have decided to maintain homes here even once they depart for another duty assignment. It's a great place.

MJ, Hope your week is starting out well and that it won't be as busy!

See you all tomorrow!


Hey Everyone

I did Disc 13 this morning and there was alot of burning!!! I went much heavier on the flat bench tricep curls and was so proud of myself until I tried to do the other tricep exercises!!! No strength was left. I made it through but just!
I have decided because this is a crazy week and I am still sore from last week that I am going to make each day a one workout day... unless I am bored in Florida!

Tara - You got alot in today! I have yet to try Hiit 40/20 and am almost getting scared! I have yet to try Step moves, maybe I can do some tonight and not count it as a workout because my learning curve will be very steep!

Cathy - Hope your DH gets feeling better! How is your calf feeling today after the calf raises?

Janis - Hope all is going well with you! I am going to read Burn the fat again while on this trip and see if I can really focus on diet when I get back!

MJ - Hope your hanging in there!



Happy Meso 2 Monday Warriors!

I was feeling so lethargic this morning, left overs from my lazy Sunday no doubt, I had to force myself to do 30/30. I am glad I did, Cardio really gets the blood flowing, doesn't it?! I opted out of using the step though - even for the warm up. :D

What is it about chest and shoulder work, and their DOMS, that makes me feel like I am either starving or coming down with the flu? I did enjoy the workout, and went to failure on the fourth round of whatever we were doing.

Heather - I hear you on the triceps - I went heavy right out the gate with the chest presses, and paid for it the rest of the workout! It is uncanny that you are pulling out BFFM to read on your trip. I was thinking the very same thing this morning - I need a refresher and I plan on digging into it this afternoon. When do you leave for Florida? I can't remember - is this a work trip?

Tara - Thanks for starting the thread this morning. And WOW! you did get a lot done this morning. I laughed out loud about your note to self - I am definitely going to keep that in mind. I bet you were glad we didn't have push ups today!

Cathy - My DH is home today too. It sure changes the weekday dynamics. :confused: I am so glad your able to lower/raise your calf - how does it feel on the stairs??

MJ - I miss you! Write when you can.
Tara I decided early on the first time through STS that I was not doing ab work on the same days as STS upper body. Especially the ones like yoga and pilates and the stability ball ones that really need working arm muscles. :D

Janis I'm going up stairs just fine. Going down I'm very leery because that was how I injured it in the first place. :( I'm still going down by either putting my good leg down first and bringing the weak one down even with it or going down sideways because the angle isn't so compromising.

And definitely have DH home totally messes up my normal routine around the house. At least he took off and went shopping for awhile this afternoon. The last few weeks there's been just a bit too much togetherness!

In another couple weeks, I need you guys to help me figure out what cardios to start with. I'll probably start out with some of the low impact kick box premixes and step with only the platform, but I need things that don't involve much jumping and lunging in the beginning.

Heather DH has simply determined that he is falling apart and will forever be in pain. He's in a major fit of feeling extremely sorry for himself. His attitude is not going to help him in the least bit and of course even though his back was bothering him a great deal and it's a weekday he wouldn't consider trying to get in to see the doctor and see how messed up it is this time. I worked for 19 years in various areas of workers comp and read tons of reports long term back injuries and years of follow up on them and it's one area that I will not mess with. The couple times I had back problems I headed immediately to the doctor and followed what he said to the letter. Backs are nothing to mess with.

It drives me nuts that some of the workout card errors have never been corrected. Like that Cathe's using a barbell for the tricep extensions and it comes out as dumbbells on the cards. And some things still don't actually have exercises linked to them and they show up as no weights.

Time for supper. Enjoy your evening warriors!
This morning I used mix and match and did parts of Gym Style Legs and Legs and Glutes. Then I followed up with MMA Kick Box Core. I could do all the stuff except for that last move and just did static planks on my toes instead. I'm using the band and expanding my leg work, but still no weights. I'm thinking next week I'll add light ankle weights.

Happy workouts Warriors!


Good Morning Everyone

This morning I got up and did Disc 14. I love tri-sets! I have to say though that I took it a bit easier on the deadlifts as I could really feel it in my back. I think going away is going to be a well needed break for my body! The trip is total work. It is a conference and there should be some interesting stuff but... in my profession there are those that take themselves very "seriously" and can argue for hours about very insignificant details. I am not looking forward to those discussions. My flight leaves from Detroit in the early am and now I will have to be there 3 hours early and drive there which will take 2.5 hours... So I am thinking of just leaving late tonight and trying to sleep at the airport. I will be a wreck when I get to Florida!

Anyways, Cathy I am very happy that you are getting to band work!!! That is great!

Janis - I have a hard time making myself do the calorie counting thing and that always threw me off the BFFM... so I never actually finished reading it when i first got it. I think that I really need to plan ahead for my meals!

Tara - Hope you were able to get up this morning and Disc 14 went goes well for you tomorrow!

MJ - let us know how your are doing!

I should be able to keep connecting at the hotel. Talk to you soon


Hi Warrior Princesses

How are everyone’s DOMS? My triceps started to complain late last night, and my outer pecs and shoulders are still tight. I did an interval run this morning and followed it up with SC-Boxing. I love that workout. It did ease some of the DOMS again. Somewhere along the way, either running or doing drills or hip-pivots with my punches, I seemed to have tweaked my knee. Hopefully it will remain just a mild little grumpy ache.

Heather – when I read your post this morning, that you did disc 14, I had to stop and think,“Wait – uh oh – what’s today?” Some weeks seem to blend and blur together. Have a safe, uneventful flight, and a fun trip, despite the business or potentially boring aspect of it.

Cathy – Way to go on your workout this morning! Very creative and resourceful! It’s a funny thing – aging – it seems like if we tell ourselves we are getting old and that our bodies are breaking down, they will. It is such a self-fulfilling prophecy. Being in pain does bring out the curmudgeon in all of us. Is your DH feeling any better today? I used to be more stressed and bothered by the workout cards and their discrepancies, now that we are into our third round -I just roll with it - I'll make notes, but in the big picture it hasn't made a difference in the effectiveness of my workout.

Tara – I think I’ll do 40/20 with you on Friday, I haven’t tried that one yet. Do you think it can be done effectively with out a step? Are you getting much snow this winter?

MJ – Our lovely red-headed tennis warrior, how are you?

Legs tomorrow - whoo hoo! I really like Meso 2 legs. :D
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Hi Ladies!

I did MMA Kickbox today. Nice change of pace--not so intense cardio, but still a challenging workout. I liked the core work at the end too--although my abs were like "enough already--we worked hard yesterday!" I loved Mark during the 3rd combo--for a minute I thought I was watching a Martial Arts movie or something! He really got into the double kicks & added in his own hand motions as well. It made me smile because I love those actiony martial art movies like the Matrix, etc! This is not a "i gotta a crush" kinda statement, more just I liked his form during the moves. Needed to make that clarification!
Ok, now that I've probably made you all laugh.......

Today's workout out was an evening workout for me. I did miss working out in the AM, though. This week we are having an exercise, so we all have to work 12 hr shifts. So, I will have to wake up at 0315 if I'm going to get in the workouts before work---not going to promise that will happen! :)

Heather, I'm looking foward to doing Disc 14 tomorrow--I've missed the trisets! I hope you're trip goes well. Get as rested as you can!

Janis, I'll be happy if you plan to do 40/20 with me. Most of the drills involve the step & it would take quite a bit of modification to do it without the step. You could easily lower the height or just use the platform for most of the drills though. It had the box jump with 4 risers high, the running/leaping man (also on 4 risers), butt kicks, fast foot shuffles with 2 risers..... now that I think about it, there was only 1, maybe 2 that didn't involve jumping up or stepping up on the step. To me, that's what made it hard---about half of the drills using a high step height. I'm looking forward to trying it again--hopefully it won't seem quite as hard the second time around. I would be very cautious about doing 40/20 if your knee is feeling grumpy---actually my knees felt bad last week when I first did athletic step. The second time I did it, i actually used no risers and just the platform only. It still had my heartrate skyhigh regardless!
I still have major DOMS from the chest and shoulders from Disc 13 today!!!!

Cathy, sounds like you did better at the Kickbox core section than I did! About halfway through it, my abs were done! It's great that in a couple of weeks, you'll be able to begin some cardio. :) I still have yet to do Core Cardio circuit, travel fit and MMA fusion, but thus far I think the MMA ones are the lowest impact and easiest to modify to make it w/ less impact. Kickbox and Boxing did have some blasts b/t the combos that were higher impact, but nothing that couldn't be easily modified to lower impact. I think travel fit is the lowest impact, but it sounds like it's more a muscle strengthening/toning workout than it is a cardio workout.

MJ, Thinking of you!

Well, let me get off to bed! Until tomorrow!



Good Evening Warriors!

I have emerged from my hostage state and should be back on here regularly the rest of the week. Woohoo! Yesterday I made myself take a rest day. I had realized that I worked out everyday for over a week and most of them were double workout days, so I had force a rest day. So this morning I did disc 13 and tried Athletic Step for the first time. Tonight I played tennis! I have actually played 4 times in the last week. Once we finally got a few days where my hands werent numb I had to go out and play. Tomorrow I will do disc 14 to keep myself back on track with the rotation.

Cathy - Our modifing superwoman as always very impressive with the recovery workouts. I hope you get a break from the DH soon, I know how the too much together time can get once in a while. ;)

Heather - I hope you have a safe flight down here to florida. Too bad you had to come for work instead of fun.

Tara - Too funny on the martial arts movies, I love the matrix, I get sucked into watching it everytime its on TV. If only I could pull of the patent leather body suit lol Good job on your workouts!

Janis - Your too sweet with your lovely redheaded tennis warrior comment, made me smile. I missed you guys too while I was stuck in work mode, it really does help to hear from each of you everyday. So you dont want to use the step in 40/20? Is it cause of you are still recovering or is it your aversion to step? I hope your grumpy knee cheers up.

Alright, time for me to go back to laying on the sofa watching others play tennis in Australia. This is the worst of the 4 majors to watch due to the total flip flop in time zones. I end up with Aussie Open Tennis induced insomnia and way too many nights sleeping on the sofa instead of in my bed. Luckily it only lasts two weeks lol :p

Talk to all of you tomorrow. Have a good night.

I did Disk 15 Back & Biceps today. I've stopped modifying for my leg with the upper body workouts. The only concession I made was to only use 25 lbs on my barbell for dead lifts. I hit my target weights/reps for everything else. My pec muscles are still sore from Monday, but everything else was fine. The one thing I really like about Meso's 2 & 3 is that I have plenty of time to put equipment away, so when the workout it over I don't have stuff scattered all over like I do in Meso 1.

DH and I probably differ on our views of aging more than anything. I have a lot of longevity in my family and even when I was young I remember being determined that I was going to be old and climbing mountains and not old and sitting around. My Dad's parents both lived to be 96 and while they were in the end hindered by their diets it was countered by the fact that they had lived their entire lives on farms in the fresh air, with big gardens and plenty of exercise in their daily lives. My Mom's Mother is still going at 89 and lives alone and drives. Her short term memory is pretty lousy, but she's quite capable of taking care of herself. DH just feels like once you hit 50 it's totally all downhill. His grandparents and parents did not live long lives and he seems determined to follow their paths. So, whenever something like hurting his back happens, it just seals his fate as far as he's concerned.

MJ glad you have rejoined us! What did you think of Athletic Step? Did you make it to bed? ;)

Tara I have to admit that while I think Mark is totally awesome in his movements in the MMA workouts, his looks just don't do it for me. Fortunately, I think Rob is totally adorable, so I do have somewhere to look. :D

Janis I think the workout card error for that particular tricep workout is what really bugs me, because I prefer to use a barbell and I never remember until I'm actually doing it and forgot again to figure out what my weight would be if I used the barbell.

Heather I hope your trip to and from FL goes smoothly. I love conferences, but I've never had to attend one that was actually work related. I have one coming up in April that is the highlight of my year and, because it's a 4+ hour drive, I'll be there for parts of three days instead of the usual two days. So more time to hang out with friends. :D

Even though the snow has been gradually melting away, it looks like there will be enough for the boys to sled today as we are meeting at a sledding hill for homeschool group. Then tonight we have to go get them sized for their baseball uniforms and from their directly to basketball practice. I'm helping lead a session on Simplifying Your Life in April, but some days mine is anything but. :eek:
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It’s Warrior Wednesday!

I just finished Disc 14 and SC-Kickbox. Both workouts went very quickly! Some days it seems like the workout drags on and on while other days they are over before you know it.

Tara – I always look for Mark’s animated expressions and his energized body movements. I love his enthusiasm and his kicks are something to aspire to! There is something about all of the MMA’s that make me feel like such a bad-ass. It’s a good feeling – I’m a strong, invincible WARRIOR! :D

MJ – Hey Hey Hey! :) It’s good to hear from you. I wondered if you were watching the Aussie US Open. I am certain Aussie Induced Insomnia is in all the medical text books now! As for the step in 40/20, my concern is two-fold. First, I am a klutz with the step, I just haven’t gotten the hang of the hop on hop off thing. Second, the higher impact jumps do aggravate my ankle a little. The combination makes me skeerd I’ll get injured.

Cathy – I have longevity genes too. After I made it past age 22, I knew I would live a very long life. Do you print out fresh workout cards each time? I did for my second round of STS, but I was always referring back to my notebook from the first round, so for this round I re-used my workout cards, now I have my scribbled notes handy to refresh my memory. I love sledding! Will you get to sled with the boys too? Or is the climb back up the hill make it out of the question? Congrats on your Achilles progress!

Heather - I hope your trip is a nice respite and your back is feeling better. Sitting all day can be aggravating to the back and one's patience. :)

It is raining here, torrential back-to-back El Nino storms. It was snowing for a little while and stuck, but now it’s back to hail, huge rain drops, and high wind. Yesterday I saw an enormous tree – think large and very old oak – had fallen on the roof of a house. The root ball was massive. It must have scared the bejeezus out of the owner. I know it would me.

Alright - for Thursday, I'll run in the morning and either do Cardio Circuits or Insanity in the p.m.

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Janis, I've gone down a sledding hill a couple times in the last few years and the toboggan run once last year and I'm just not up to that much speed anymore. ;) No sledding hills for me now though. Today the slopes were very icy and while I could now go UP a hill (that wasn't icy) going down would be too risky. Usually I go up for at least part of the time and watch, but fortunately the boys are now old enough to go by themselves with their friends and there's usually at least one adult up there. Today Nicholas friend comes back and starts in to a story beginning "Nicholas and I were sledding together and....." I knew this was leading to Nicholas got hurt, but the story was pretty long before he actually got to that part and since he was drawing out the story I gathered Nicholas probably wasn't lying senseless at the bottom of the hill. :rolleyes: I asked him to tell Nicholas to come back down to the warming house and it turned out they'd hit a metal pole and he had a gash in his leg, so I got the first aid kit and cleaned it and put a bandage on it. Of course, his main concern was that he could play basketball tonight at practice. :D

Certainly sounds like CA is getting some strange and nasty weather right now. Tornado warnings for LA yesterday!! :eek: We have been in a very mild period for the last week plus and it's looks like it's going to continue that way for awhile with no precipitation here in the near forecast. And large trees through roofs major yikes! Hopefully no one was hurt.
This morning I did some yoga and followed that up with calf raises and stretches and then Butts & Guts Stability Ball Abs.

We have a 10:00 class at the historical museum, so I'm off to shower, eat, and get things ready to go.


Hi Ladies

I ran this morning, a simple 4 mile steady state. I am going to do much-needed Yoga this afternoon.

We are getting snow today. Heavy, wet slushy stuff. Just enough to be a pain in the butt.

Yesterday we were without internet for 12 hours. First the power, then the other day we didn't have hot water, and then the internet. I thought every one was going to shrivel up and die. lol!

I hope everyone is well. Cathy, how is Nicolas's leg? The long stories before the real content is conveyed always make me laugh out loud! The circular thinking that is involved is truly comedic. :D Of course, it's far funnier when it doesn't involve your child. :D

Back and Biceps tomorrow!


Hey Fellow Warriors!

Yesterday ended up being a rest day. So tired from working the longer work hours this week! Today, I did Disc 14--Legs. Really felt the tri-sets! Legs definitely were working!
I'm planning an early AM workout tomorrow---Disc 15 & also going to give HiiT 40/20 another try. Janis, how about it? Going to give a whirl? :)

Cathy, hope Nicholas is okay. I'm happy for you that you no longer have to modify your leg workouts! :)

Heather, hope your trip is going good!

MJ, glad to see you back! I'm also glad that you've gotten to play tennis a lot. :) I often fall asleep on my couch too, but it's just because I get comfortable and then don't want to make the effort to go upstairs!

Janis, I hate it when the internet is down! I used it to stay in touch with friends and family more than I call. I feel like I'm cut off from the rest of the world when it's down. Sounds like it was quite a week with the power, then the internet and the hot water all going out! Whew!

Mean't to say in my last post that the weather here is wintery. Highs in the 30s now--we finally got through about a month of highs in the 20s, lows in the teens. We get a lot of precipation here, but it comes in short bursts and usually melts within a day or two. It snowed for 1 hr today, but then turned to rain; then we had thick, thick fog. I have truly experienced an entire new level of foginess here in Germany. I used to never give fog a second thought. Now, it's scary to drive in because it is so thick and dense! Part of the problem is that Germany does not have street lights once you get outside the villages or cities. Even the autobahn has no lights. So, it makes for low visibility when there's fog, rain or snow. Anyway, I'm happy it is not too cold right now & my daughter is happy that it snows frequently! :)

Have a good evening!
Morning Warrior Ladies! I did parts of Legs & Glutes and Gym Style Legs again today. I think next week I'm going to start adding in light weights. I've had periods in my life where I've not worked out and then started up again and my leg strength would get back up to speed very quickly, but since I went a few weeks with minimal use of my leg muscles, I'm trying to wrap my brain around how long it's going to take and how tough it's going to be getting there. I know that I won't be able to do the harder cardios with all the plyo moves until my legs have gotten much stronger than they are now, so starting next week I'm going to have to start pushing harder each week. At this point, it's all about getting back strength and flexibility and it'll be a dance of making sure I push hard enough, but not too hard.

Nicholas leg has been fine. He went full tilt at basketball practice that night. Going to take off the bandage this morning and see how it looks.

Tara looking forward to your report on 40/20. Luckily, I've only had one experience driving in really thick fog. I was driving my normal way to work, so I knew the roads, but at one point I got totally disoriented and when I finally realized where I was it wasn't where I thought I was. Very weird. I was still on the right road and going the right way, but I went up and over a hill that I hadn't even thought I'd gotten to yet.

We're going to Pizza Hut for lunch today so the boys can use get their free pizzas for their reading. Of course, that means that I should eat pizza, too, right? :D


Happy Friday Warriors!

Well - I went for it, Tara, and did 40/20. The only trouble I had with the step was the warm up. Funny, huh! The choreography co-ordinated step moves are still a foreign language to me. I am sure I'll 'get it' with time. Other than feeling like a goon with two left feet, I did all the intervals and pretty much kept up. When we got to the running mans I was so quad fatigued and more than a wee-bit winded, so I took a longer break only to learn that a long break was coming. I'll remember that next time. 40/20 combined with back and biceps burned over 400k, for me that is pretty darn good.

We have been snowed in, which means driving rural roads is not a risk worth taking. I'll venture out tomorrow. :)

Cathy - I hope you went for the pizza! More often than not, it is the sodium that does me in!

Heather - When do you head home? Or rather - when did you get home?

MJ - Have you tried any of the Insanity workouts yet?

Tomorrow I am going to do another leg workout, probably B&G, I don't know about the rest of you, but Meso2 legs gave me DOMS high in my glutes - a good, hard to reach spot. Now - uh - would that be DOGS? (delayed onset glute soreness!)

Have a great Friday evening everyone!
Janis glad to hear you tried 40/20 and how it went for you. Hope you are able to get out today. I didn't used to mind being snowed in, but now we have so many activities going on that it always seems we get too much snow on the wrong days. Mother Nature isn't good at listening to my requests. ;)

Yes, I had pizza. I got a personal pan, too, and had a about 1 2/3's bread stick. We get 5 and split them equally. I don't do well with the sodium either.

Rest day for me and no basketball game, so I'm off to do what in non-basketball season is my regular shopping/errands. Leaving at about 7:15, so that I'm actually home by lunchtime. Basketball season totally wreaks havoc with it.


Happy Saturday Warriors! :D

This morning I played tennis for 1 1/2 hours. Woohoo! Starting to find the strokes again like I learned in tennis camp. I am starting to look at taking some drill classes and lessons now too. Will have to test out some coaches to see who fits with me well.

Janis - Congrats on doing 40/20! No reason to be skeered of step, just take it in little pieces and start with no risers. If you keep at it and start to feel more confident you will eventually learn to love step, or at least like it enough to realize the benefits of adding to your rotations. ;) I TIA on the DOMS from Meso 2. I ended up postponing the last disc for this week until this afternoon since I knew I was going to play tennis this morning, couldnt handle the arm DOMS, the legs was tough enough today. Havent tried Insanity yet. I found by adding the impact of the shock cardio, plus I have added the extra challenge of relearning my step dvds with an extra riser, so my legs have had a great deal of new impact. I think I will start giving them a try in the second half of the rotation.

Cathy - Good luck navigating the snow. Do you ever play basketball with your boys? I know you are short like me, so it would be quite something to try it, maybe between the two of us we could reach the height of one basketball player. lol

Tara & Heather - Hope you are both well and enjoying your weekend.

Time to watch tennis, check back later. :cool:


Hi Everyone,

I was pretty tuckered out from the long hours this week, so I ended up resting yesterday. Today, I did 40/20 and Back & Biceps. I did better with 40/20 until I got to the explosive running man! That's when the soreness from Disc 14-Legs kicked in! I ended up taking like a 5 minute break after that! I did complete the workout though, just had to give myself a little extra longer break here & there for the last few minutes of the workout. It's a fun one to do, but it really is ultra cardio challenging for me. I can't imagine what the Insanity workouts are like. Back & Biceps were good--did all the reps at the appropriate weight for me. The biceps were hard for me today--my TF sets were about 6 each time!

Janis, sounds like you did great with 40/20! Glad to hear it! Both 40/20 & 30/30 warm-ups are tough to me---the 2 risers during the warm-up get me! After doing each deadlift set during Disc 14, my upper glutes were on fire! Haven't had any DOGS though! ;) Hope you were able to get out with all the snow.

Cathy, yummy! I LOVE Pizza Hut. Definitely have to stay away from the place when I'm trying to lose wt. It's one of those places where my eating plan goes out the window!
Good luck add weights to your leg workouts next week.

MJ, Keep on enjoying playing and watching tennis. I have never played tennis, but I've always thought it was fun. I enjoy watching it too, but just have got out of watching sports in general due to busy work schedule and so much to do when I'm at home. Your enthusiasm makes me want to start watching it again. :)

Heather, hope all has gone well with your trip to Florida and look forward to hearing from you soon!

I didn't lose any weight this past week, but no biggie as I didn't gain really--weight was 0.4lb heavier. I'm not worried as my typical pattern is to lose 1-2 wks in a row, then either don't lose or gain around 0.5lb the next week; then I lose again. So, I hope next week the scale will move in my favor!

I'm off work the next 2 wks. Yay! Ready for a break. Not really going anywhere, just doing Spring cleaning a little early & then will totally relax the second week. I'm going to continue with the early morning workouts to hopefully make it a habit.

I'm planning athletic step tomorrow---will let you know how it goes!


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