Undulating Warriors Feb 15th-21st!


Hey Warriors,

Just starting this week's thread. I didn't get to work out today :-( My extra little princesses' parents asked if they could stay until 8PM tonight and I agreed. It was fun, but after 3 days of having extra little ones in the house, I am too tuckered to exercise!

Plan for tomorrow is 4DS LIS/HIS cardio premix :)

Cathy, in my opinion, I think pyramid is easier than 30/30. It's still a toughie for me, but having it all on the floor with no step makes a big difference to me. Let us know how it goes!

Hello to everyone else! Hope your week has started good! :)


Hi Everyone

Thanks for starting the thread Tara.

You have gone above and beyond having the girls for so long! My goodness - you get Warrior of the Week that alone. Way to go on your workouts yesterday. Truly impressive that you accomplished both workouts before the day even got started!

I ran yesterday, 6.5 miles, hill at the vineyard. Beautiful day and a really good run. Some of the hills are long gradual grades, so it's best to not look too far ahead, but just keep focused on the music and my gait.

SO - I attempted LIC this morning. All was going well until the disc got hung up!:eek: Brand new disc, straight out of the box, has a ding dang scratch. I contacted customer support. I did like the intervals, and was a bit dubious, at first, about the light weights, but I have to say - it caught up to me. Those endurance workouts really zap me!

Cathy - it sounds like the Great America Bird count was somewhat successful- even if the bird watcher slept in.:) Did you try any of the Hiit w/o's???

MJ - Standing ovation, girl, for dropping SEVEN sizes or more! I know you prefer to be incognito, as am I, but have you thought about writing your success story for STS? $100 worth of products is a pretty good incentive and you would be inspiring so many ladies to take that first step. OH - check this out, the Charles Schultz Museum, which is in Santa Rosa, near where I live, gives free entry on Valentines Day to redheads, in deference to Charlie Brown's love interest. Cute, huh! They had 40 redheads attend yesterday.

Heather - How are the repairs going with your house? Are you watching the Olympics?

Tomorrow I am going to run and do one of the lightweight endurance strength workout from 4DS.


Hey Everyone!!

Today was Family Day here in Ontario so we left yesterday for my DH's mom's house (3 hours away) and spent the night there. They have a big pond that we played hockey on and had a blast! I found out that my SIL and niece just started working out and have a few of Jillian DVD's so I'll have to get them hooked on Cathe!
As for the house stuff... well I wish that I knew more. The inspector showed up without a pen, or anything. He had a camera that had dead batteries. So had to loan him batteries, a tape measure and a flashlight. He said that house was not going to fall down but that was about it. He is going to write us a letter in a this week. So we have no idea what he is thinking or what it means to us. So I keep working out and keep remembering to breathe!

Anyways, Sat I took advantage of a day with nothing planned and did CC4 for fun and then a premix from Butts and Guts. I was very pleased with my workouts and was feeling a little spent when my DH suggested I shovel the rink... Well it had a foot of heavy snow on it. Wow between Disc 18 before that and then B&G and the run. I was very tired Sat night! Yesterday was an active rest day and tonight I am getting ready to do Athletic Step... that's the plan so far.

I have been watching lots of olympics and have been so inspired!

Janis - Thanks for sharing with the Body Scan info. Very interesting! Sounds ilke you had a great run too. I am looking forward to running on snowless roads!

Tara - That is alot of kid time. I find that I can handle someone elses kids for a period of time but then I am through! Someone elses kids tend to be exhausting. You are a warrior!

Cathy - I'll have to read the last posts to see what was going on! hope all is well.

MJ - I also have to read the last posts that you made but 7 dress sizes. You rock!

Okay I am going back to read those and see what I missed and PVR the skating!
Talk to you all soon
Well due to an alarm issue, DH and I didn't wake up until after 7 this morning. I would have woken up closer to regular time, because I almost always due, but he woke me up just after 4 a.m. with a nightmare and then that commotion got the cats active and it took me a long time to get back to sleep. I wasn't unhappy about it since I woke up refreshed and since I hadn't had a rest day in over a weeks, could slack off which I did with a half hour of yoga. He OTOH was NOT a happy camper, but he did take my suggestion and hurried and probably got to work on time. Minus breakfast and lunch and in a bad mood, but he's got all day to chill out.

Heather sounds like you had fun at your family day! As for the inspector, yikes! He certainly doesn't sound terribly prepared to actually do his job. Our basement stairs aren't up to code and hopefully that will never cause us issues. My Dad hired a contractor to build this place (we bought it from them) and they put the stairs in wrong and didn't make them wide enough, my Dad who'd been in the construction business all his life was pissed, but the builder wouldn't redo them and told him the inspector would pass them anyway - and he did. Wonder how many other things the inspector passed for him when he took short cuts.

Janet your runs through the vineyards sound so wonderful! I haven't tried any of the Hiit's yet. Sometime soon though. We'll see how much energy I have this afternoon.

Tara are you still recovering from the slumber party?


Good Morning Warriors!

It is STS rest week for all of you, but a meso 1 week for me. So yesterday I did walking hill intervals on the treadmill in the morning, then last night meso 1 biceps/chest/shoulders, I forgot how dreadful pushups can be ;). This morning I did step moves and tonight, since its too cold for tennis once again (sigh), I will do some other cardio and abs.

Tara- Congrats on surviving the princesses! Hope 4DS step goes well, I like that premix alot.

Heather- Did you throw a medicine ball at that inspector? Geesh, talk about unprofessional and unprepared, lets hope he gives you good news despite his compentency on the outside. I love the olympics too, always something inspiring to see every 4 years. Stayed up to watch the skating last night, thought the short program was better.

Cathy- Enjoy the day of slacking off, you deserve it!

Janis- Good to see you attempting LIC, too bad about your disc. I love the cardio blast premix which combines all the step together, plus the bonus step. I think I did the whole workout once or twice back when I first got it, but I really just use if for the step. As for the success story, my nature for incognito will probably remain, but we will see after I am finished with the last bit of weight I working on losing. BTW, I think just as a general rule, that natural redheads should be allowed in everywhere for free because of the uniqueness of the hair. That is cute though about the little redhead girl from charlie brown. Charlie had good taste in women lol

Alright, time for me to get back to work. Catch up with you later. Have a good Tuesday.



Afternoon Warriors

Today I decided to de-stress and try and combat some of the extra calories that I consumed this weekend at my MIL's house. She has no concept of how much fat is in anything is a natural ectomorph. Augh. What can you do. Anyways, I did CC7 this morning. I forgot how brutal that run can be. The hour goes by so quickly though. I watch Olympic recaps from the night before while I ran and again was in awe! We only watched part of the pairs last night but PVR'ed it so we can watch it today!

So mid morning I decided to try a BodyRock Tv workout. Fat Assissin... thought it was fitting. It was supposed to start with Ninja jumps to tuck jumps. I sat there looking at the pictures willing my body to do the move but no go! You are supposed to start on you knees and then flip you legs up so you are in and low squat with your feet on the ground and then do a tuck jump. So I did lateral leaps instead! It was 6 rounds 30 sec on and 10 off. It was a good workout but I would not feel it was enough on it's own.


Cathy - Hope you new step gets to you soon and have a good rest day!

Janis - That is so too bad about LIC! I know what you mean when you first see how low the weights are... then you do the workout! I also do the step parts on their own often. I find that it fits well after a good 30 min SS run. My run this morning was 5 miles which really shocked me as it never goes 4 . something. I must be getting fast or something!

MJ- Meso one is a rude shock with the Undulating program isn't it! I really hope it warms up for you soon!

Tara - Hope you have recovered from the girls weekend!

Talk to soon


Hi Ladies,

I ended up doing physical training at work as I was actually able to get out of the clinic and participate in it today! It was about 45 minutes of circuit training. I was sweaty by the end of it and it felt like a good workout. I'm saving 4DS step premix for tomorrow. I was really sleepy this morning, so I didn't get up early as planned to do 4DS, but it worked out since I did get some exercise in at work. Thank you all for your compliments regarding my weekend with the extra kids. It was fun in a way, but as Heather said other people's kids do wear you out more than your own! I'm looking forward to relaxing this coming weekend in a much quieter atmosphere.

MJ, I was thinking the same thing Janis was. You should submit your success story. Trust me, we that have a ways to go with weight loss need all the inspiration we can get! Everytime I read about someone losing 50lbs or more, it gives me motivation to keep trying and reminds me that it is possible to get all the weight off. I often am tempted to ask you exactly how you did it. You should send in your story not only to win the $100 in products, but to satisfy my curiosity!

Janis, sounds like you had another refreshing run in beautiful scenary! I tell ya, if you keep on making running sound so wonderful, you'll make a runner out of me! I'm sure cust service will replace your DVD--hope it won't take too long before the replacement comes. :)

Heather, Wow! Body Rock sounds like something else. I don't think I'll be trying that one anytime soon! Hope you get good news from the inspector next week. In the meantime, keep on de-stressing, relaxing and enjoy doing fun workouts during the recovery week. :)

Cathy, sounds like your morning got off to a rocky start! The yoga was a nice way to get relaxed after a stressful morning, I'm sure. Hope your DH was in a better mood by the time he got home! :)

See you all tomorrow!


Hi Everyone!

What a fantastic day for check-ins. I'll bring up the rear with my mine. :) I went for a run this morning at the state forest, I have hiked through the forest many times and felt comfortable with my intended route. My 7 mile route turned into a 12 mile route! I made a wrong turn and ended up way at the other end of the mountain. Needless to say, I am sore this evening. Mostly my knees and butt. :eek:

I had planned to do Legs and Glutes tomorrow, but I think I'll do some yoga instead. :)

Heather - way to go on your run! Our Meso 1 workouts are paying off! Your experience with the inspector is sadly too common with those guys. Bloody frustrating! Playing hockey with your family sounds like so much fun! And criminee that Body Rock workout sounds challenging - sure makes MMA Fusion look like a walk in the park. Good choices for alternative moves, I would have drawn a blank.

Cathy - How did your day turn out? Better than mine, I hope!:p

Tara - Being able to exercise at work is fantastic! How often does that opportunity present itself? When I started running last year, around this time, I didn't know what to expect, but after following a gradual introduction program and I found my stride - I was hooked. Then I heard about Cardio Coach on the forum, which introduced me to whole new world. I love how the mind just drops away when I run - it becomes meditative and relaxing, plus you get the endorphins as a bonus.

MJ- My best friend is a natural red head, with ivory skin and light freckles. I consider all redheads rare and beautiful creatures. I agree, you should get free entrance everywhere you go and a discount wherever you shop just for being extraordinary! Your big event is tomorrow night, right!? Have a great time. You will be stunning.:D

Off to bed with my achey knees and hips.
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This morning I did Step Blast. I was sucking wind during the blasts, but I did it. Including all various jumps. I really felt endurance wise that Step Blast matches up pretty well with Athletic Step because of the challenge. I'm wondering though if I'm really ready to take on the Double Wave Hiit yet. :confused:

The rest of my day yesterday went just fine. Actually, it started out fine for me - just later than usual. Twas DH for whom it wasn't fine, but then he so rarely finds life fine. Helped that once we got past the squabble as to why the alarm malfunctioned - with my help - I went downstairs and didn't see him again until he got home from work.

Janis at least you had great scenery for your extended workout. :D I don't think I've ever done an extra 5 miles, but I've definitely had a few wrong turns during hikes. Did you keep running or did you end up walking. Either way it's lots of extra calories burned.

Heather I'm glad you are enjoying the Olympics. It's one of the few things I miss in our non-TV world. The two sets of American Pairs skaters actually skate at the same rink my nephew plays hockey at, so my sister's family is watching that competition with great interest. That workout you did sounds crazy. That move you described would seem darn near impossible for all but those it incredible shape. Yikes!

Tara that's great that you can workout at work sometimes. Long, long ago I belonged to a fitness center and there are definitely things I miss about group workouts, but I just can't beat the convenience of working out in my basement. What kind of workouts do they offer?

MJ you definitely should submit your story! Tonight's the night you get to play dress up, right? I don't suppose we get pictures? I always wanted to be a red head. Nicholas had red gold hair when he was younger and it's still a beautiful color, but it's gotten more golden and less reddish as he gets older, though in the summer it comes back more.

The boys are going sledding today. I'll be knitting in the warming house. ;) If my boots had decent support I could go up on the hill, but they are the kind that basically do nothing more than keep your feet dry, so I'm not going to risk it.


Hi Warriors,

I finally got to do 4DS HIS/LIS step premix today. Actually got up early enough to do before work! It's always an enjoyable workout for me.

I do like that I have the opportunity to exercise at work. We get 1 hour of group PT a week. Just going to the gym's basket ball court or to the track and do typical military style exercises, such as jumping jacks etc, jogging or running, and of course push-ups and sit-ups. A lot of times I am still finishing up appointments and can't get away from the clinic in time to go. I also find I like doing Cathe a lot better than following the PT leader's instructions! A lot of times it seems like a chore, whereas when I do Cathe it's fun! Janiis, thanks for more info about running; I may start once the weather gets warmer!

I had a long, busy day at work today, so I'll keep this post short. I'll be back tomorrow!



Happy Wednesday Warriors!

Yes, you are correct, tonight is the event night where I will be an actual adult woman and dress in a dress, amazingly enough lol ;) This morning I made sure to do Athletic Step and Medicine ball abs so I could feel strong and get my endorphin rush this morning. Had to drag all my stuff with me so I can get ready here at work since its too far for me to go home and get ready then come back. I dont know if there will be pictures, its not really a picture event, but I imagine some of my colleagues, just to torture me, will probably get some on their blackberry phones since they have never seen me in a dress, It will become one of those bad workplace legends that I actually was seen in a dress. lol Anyway, if there are, and they are decent, maybe I will send some to you guys through PM's.

Great job everyone on the workouts!

Alright, time to get back to work, just wanted to sneak in a quick checkin before tonight. I will let you know how it goes.


Hey Everyone

I hope you all had a great day! My little baby niece stayed over last night... with my sister too so this afternoon I fit in Circuit Blast. It was fun and different but I did not feel like it had enough cardio. I did it as was and nothing else today! I think that CB would go well after a run though. Tomorrow I am plan on doing another run and more ab work. I really liked doing the ab work throughout the workout in CB.

MJ - I hope you have a great night and I know you will look awesome! Have a great time and relax.

Cathy - Gotta hate to start the day with a squabble. I think that you are up for the Hiit workouts. If you are dying then you stop a few seconds early! If you can impact with AS and Step Blast you can do the one without the step for sure. I really like Step Blast too!

Janis - oh man! I hope you had no chance of getting lost! I once did that in early winter on a hike with my oldest was 3 and my youngest was 1. My youngest was in a backpack carrier and we were on a shorter trail. Somehow in the snow the 20 min slow hike turned into a 45 very slow hike...especially for the 3 year old. All I remember was climbing up a snowy hill with one on the front and one an the back! I learned alot that day. Glad that you made it out and I believe it that your muscles are a little sore!!!

Tara - Great work on HIS/LIS! I need to do those again because it has been too long and I am going to forget HIS! I agree Cathe is FUN!

Talk to you all tomorrow!
I did it!! I did Double Wave Pyramid and I didn't take any extra breaks. I just sucked air big time during the ones I got. :D I followed it up with B&G Stability Ball Abs. Next week I'll try one of the ones with the step.

Heather that hike with your little ones sounds like one heck of a workout! Was that the first time you've done Circuit Blast? Out of all the workouts I can see that and Travel Fit getting the least use, just because I rarely do any kind of cardio/strength workouts these days.

MJ - waiting patiently for all the details of you evening. ;)

Tara YAY! on your early workout. I like the LIS/HIS combo. Hmmm....may do that one tomorrow.

Janis how are you feeling after your near 1/2 marathon yesterday. :)

Gotta run as we are off early for class at the Historical Museum. Have fun!


Hey Everyone

This morning I did CC8. It is an hour and it was a really challenging but rewarding run! Then I did the BodyRock.tv 550 Killer rep workout. It took me 27 minutes but I was not pushing the cardio aspect. It is all body weight moves so I thought it would be an okay rest week workout.

I don't have long today but... I want to hear details MJ!

Tara - I used to hate running and when I started I could barely run one minute. But I followed a learn to run program and now I can't live without it. I started when my youngest was 2 and it gave me my "me" time plus a very happy feeling!

Janis - Are you sore today??? half marathon in the mountains... I hadn't thought about the hills!

Cathy - This was the first time for Circuit Blast. I think that the cardio premix might get used more... then all of it together. Congrats on the double wave!!!! You are back if you can do that!

Gotta go


Hi Warriors!

Gosh - can you believe it's Thursday already!?

Heather wins the Warrior award for reading between the lines. Yes, indeed, I think we could say I was lost! I thought I was more to the middle of the forest when I turned left, which I thought would take me directly into the campground where my car was parked, but in reality I was past the campground and I turned away from my destination. When I reached the Vista Point - the outer edge, the end of the forest, I was really surprised, and surprised again when I turned around and could not locate the path I had just came off of! I wasn't concerned, so much, about my safety, or my ability to find my way back, as I was about the elapsed time, and needing to pick up my youngest son from school. Fortunately, I remembered that there was a residential neighborhood nearby, even though it -in terms of lay of the land - would take me further out of my way, I decided to stick with civilization rather than venture back into the forest. I walked downhill for a mile or so until I came upon the golf course. From there I was able to get a lift to my car.

SO - yes, I am still sore from my half marathon. I ran most of it. The running part was great - soft soil, carpets of yielding pine needles, breathtaking scenery, fresh air. The steep hills- which I had to walk, the mud, the pavement all down hill to the golf course - not so great.

I am still sore in spots. Today it is my calves, shins and feet bones. Yesterday I did the kickbox cardio only portion of 4ds, and today I attempted a few intervals of Imax2. My brain, body, and balance is still out of whack - I'll do something later to keep the blood flowing in my muscles, other than that, I think I will rest.

Tara - Way to go, Warrior Princess, for doing 4DS HIS/LIS before work!!! I agree, following a dvd, and Cathe, specifically, is so much more fun, she definitely keeps it interesting and makes time fly.

Cathy - You are officially done with rehab and healing! YAY! Your endurance will come back, and honestly, I was sucking a lot of wind and stopped a few seconds early on many of the drills.

Heather - I have made my share of oops errors when my guys were little, I still have spasms of regret on occasion about choices I made. Congrats on CC8 - that one is tough! I love the music though.

MJ - how was your night out in a big girl dress?
Taking a rest day. I haven't had a complete one since the 8th and I woke up with sore lower legs. The Pyramid Hiit must have hit them in a way I haven't been using them. Plus my lower abs are sore. :confused: I'm wondering if the Pyramid workout also caused that because I do B&G ball abs fairly often and it usually doesn't leave me sore at all!

I'm eating breakfast and then I'm going to take a hot bath. A nice benefit of being so short is that I can easily to lower body stretches in the tub, while my muscles are nice and warm. ;)

MJ - we are still awaiting your report! Patience is starting to slip......

Heather - sounds like you had a great workout. Body weight exercises can be so effective and I've known people who do nothing, but those and cardio and they look great!

Janis - glad you managed to find your way out of the woods. And you've taken up hitchhiking? Has your soreness eased?

Tara how did things go for you yesterday!


Hey All

Just finished CCC and now off to get some work done. I am struggling to find enough alternatives to the roly poly's that have the same intensity but I will work on it!

Cathy - Have a great rest day, you deserve it!

Janis - Hope you aren't too sore after your run. At least you were well prepared for it! My cousin who is a freelance fitness writer (used to be the editor of Oxygen) decided to do a story on running a marathon without training and running one with training. She is a fitness instructor and was teaching numerous classes a day and saw no reason that she couldn't do the marathon. It was a fairly unpleasant experience at the end (extreme chaffing) and has never done the training part to do the marathon!

Tara - Hope all is well!

MJ - If your evening was not something that you want to discuss then you we won't make you! But I hope that it was. Hope your week is going well and on track.



Happy Friday Evening Warriors!

Sorry I couldnt get a chance to post until now, its been an insane couple of days at work, thank goodness its the weekend.

So my night in my big girl dress was very good. I was nervous at first, but once I had the whole thing together, dress, jewelry, makeup, hair, etc, the nerves started to go away. My colleagues who were at this event were very shocked to see me in a dress! It was quite funny observing reactions and listening to them try to come up with what they wanted to say, which was all good of course, without being over the top since it was technically a business related party. Some of them didnt say anything at the party, but made a point of making sure they said something privately over the last couple of days. Regardless of what they thought though, it was really good for me to push myself out of my comfort zone and make myself deal with the reality of what I accomplished this last year and that I really have changed both physically and mentally for the better, and I did look really good in the dress! lol No one managed to take a pic though, some of them wanted to but couldnt figure out how to do it without making a scene, so I dont have any to share. Next time I get dressed up I will make sure you guys get to see.

I also wanted to say thanks to the 4 of you for all your support from a far on my journey and being here in a way others cant because they dont understand what the fitness thing is all about. I really appreciate having all of you here everyday. :)

Looks like you guys have been doing well and keeping busy, way to go on the workouts!

Will check back in over the weekend.
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Hi Ladies,

Like MJ, Work got insane for me on Thurs & Friday, so I ended up not working out those days. Today, I did Pyramid followed by Pilate-based Abs. I was able to Pyramid without pausing too! :) Tonight I'm hanging out with some girls from work and DD is spending the night with her friends who were our guests last weekend. It's my turn to have a little fun! ;) I'm looking forward to getting back to STS weights next week. It's been a nice rest week and I feel rejuvenated and ready to go. Meso 3, here I come! Now that we are half-way through this rotation, I can see that my body is beginning to look more toned and my cardio endurance is improving. It's so nice to see some results! I think the undulating rotation is definitely providing more of a shock factor. I'll probably end up alternating doing STS traditionally and then undulating in the future. Although, if we all agree to do another rotation after this one is done, I'm game!

Janis, I didn't realize that you were lost when you had your run the other day. I'm so glad that you found your way back safely! Hope all the soreness lets up soon!

Cathy, hope your rest day and hot bath was relaxing! Congratulations on doing Pyramid! I agree with everyone else--if you did Pyramid, you are truly back and are ready for all the rest of the Shock Cardio workouts!

Heather, CCC is on my schedule for next week. I was already thinking about what to do instead of the roly poly moves; I wanted to try some different modifications than I did last time. It is hard trying to think of new ones!

MJ, I'm so glad you had an enjoyable evening. Sounds like you were the star! ;) Definitely take pictures next time you dress up; we would all love to see!

I'm not sure if I will exercise tomorrow as I have to go into work for a few hours, but I'll check in if I do. Otherwise, I'll see you all Monday!



Hey Everyone!

It is beautiful and sunny here and just below freezing. I took advantage and did a Steady state run outside and then came in and did a BodyRock TV workout that focussed on butts. It was not as good as Butts and Guts but only took 18 minutes!!!

MJ- Sounds like you impressed all with your "lady" dress and new you! My DS used to get upset if I wore a dress because then "you are a lady now... not a mommy" It is so important to be a lady sometimes! Congratulations on all that you have accomplished!

Tara - I hope you have a fun night out! You deserve it especially after last weekend! The burpees work well to sub in but I am trying to work on something else for the core parts! Maybe Cathe's V sits?

Janis - Hope all is well! and you having a great relaxing weekend.

Cathy - I think that the HiiT workouts tend to be very core challenging because you are moving so quickly. Not sure if that is real but I know that when I do HiiT or Insanity my back gets sore from having to do all that extra balancing! Maybe I am out to lunch.... who knows! Hope you had a great rest day.

Off to hit the shower!

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