Trisets Upper Body Split


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I tried the Trisets Upper Body Split today, and WOW! It is very different from any other upper body workout that Cathe has done...or atlest the ones that I have, and I have a LOT! I loved it! (But I love them all...each for their own reason.) It's refreshing to have such an AWESOME mix of new workouts to add to my Cathe collection!

There is TONS of core and balance working throughout the workout! And I loved all the fresh, new, innovative moves that hit the whole upper body...and core, did I say core already? ;) ...tricep extensions while holding yourself in a one-arm plank...bent over rows balancing on one leg, one hand on the ball, and lifting the other leg up and down...WOW! Oh, and push ups...several different ways. Very effective butt-kicking moves!

My heart rate was up for quite a bit too...considering this was a weight workout, and not necessarily cardio. I did not wear my HR monitor, but I might next time just to see how much of a HR challenge it is. I had considered adding the 20 min step routine after this, but ummmm... I didn't feel the need after finishing this workout! That's a good thing!

I did the Lower Body Split earlier in the week, and LOVED that one too! Even MORE cardio effect in that one. Both are great, so I'm sure the premixes rock as well.

I think tomorrow will be AfterBurn or Cardio SuperSets. Can't wait!


Oh my gosh! I finally got a chance to do this workout today and I thought Cathe was trying to kill me! I had just finished a 3 month STS rotation when this series arrived and was feeling really strong. This workout showed me that I still have a long way to go!

I love, love, love these low impact workouts. They're all challenging for me, but I find Upper Body Trisets to be the toughest by far - love it!


I agree

I think both upper and lower body trisets are excellent, very creative, and unbelievably challenging! thought my butt was going to fall off after lower body trisets! (wishful thinking)


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Me too

Even though I have been doing Cathe's workouts for years, these new trisets really made me sore. I love it!!


Upper Body Express is missing back/biceps making me feel lopsided (not my favorite premix), I ended up fast forwarding through Total Body Express to the upper body section.
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It's funny with the UB part. I didn't feel it was as hard as others (High Reps, etc) while I was doing it, but boy did I have DOMS afterward! Good workout.

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