Training for the RT while recovering from injury

Barbara P

Hi all!
I'm so excited to go again on the Glassboro RT.

My plan *was* to start STS the week of April 4 when I returned from a cruise.

Well April 3 I was lugging my luggage - a 58# wheeled checked bag (I know how much it weighed as they weigh when you check it) and two large shoulder carryons (one masquerading as my purse) with a lot of heavy stuff in it - laptop, several cameras, all the rechargers (which weigh a lot!) curling iron, plus a ton of other things.
Probably all together this was between 90-100#.

So I lugged all this stuff a long distance, from the cruise terminal to customs to taxi, all over the Ft. Lauderdale airport as I couldn't check in load was unbalanced.

On the plane my neck and back started to hurt. I also had to lug all this stuff from the baggage claim to the taxi when I got home.

I woke up in the middle of the night in pain, by Tuesday, I was in agony and fortunately got an appt with an orthopedic doctor that day.
She took neck xrays right then, and I have bone spurs in my cervical spine (due to age, getting old isn't for the feint of heart)...and sent me for an MRI.

Well I have a slipped/herniated disc at L4 which is pinching a nerve. It gave me sciatica-like pain in my left butt (but it wasn't the sciatic nerve) and then skipped my thigh and numbed my knee and the front and sides of my lower left leg. I have an area of intense pain on my outside left leg just below the knee which apparently is what happens with my injury. The numbness also.

So...I have been going to physical therapy for about 4 weeks now, I get traction ("the rack") and heat/electric shock/massage therapy plus have some simple exercises to do.

well there went my plan. Fortunately I was still able to swim every day and while I couldn't run (I normally do 2 miles on the treadmill after I swim) I walked instead.

Well it's feeling MUCH better....still pain and numbness but probably only 25% of what it was.

So I started Chalene's CLX a couple of weeks ago and figured I would do 2 weeks of each cycle (I have 4 weeks left), and then do an abbreviated STS rotation as I won't have time for the full 12 weeks.

So I'm trying to figure out how to abbreviate it. I would begin the week of June 13 - 7 weeks before the RT. There is possibly a weeks vacation in there where I wouldn't do STS so really 6 weeks.

I'm thinking 2 weeks of each mesocycle but I'm stuck on which ones, weeks 1&2? 1&3? I know I won't be able to lift what I normally do and that's okay.

I have been slowly getting back into weights, today I did body Max 2, but I used a 4" step and didn't power anything. Feels good...

Anyway I would like to get some thoughts on how to abbreviate STS, so any ideas are appreciated.

I'm just glad this happened at the end of my cruise and not the beginning, and with enough time before the RT to heal. And the RT was the first thing I thought of when I found out what was wrong. ;)

Hi Deb!
Thanks for asking, yes, I'm healed, went through 6 weeks of PT....I wanted to do an entire STS rotation before the RT but I only got in 6 weeks of it (I did the first 2 weeks of each Meso).
I can't wait for the weekend! See you there.
Wonderful Barbara! I am so happy to hear that! 6 weeks of STS is great! From what I hear, rehab can be quite a workout too. See you very, very soon!
Thanks Debbie!
Physical Therapy did have some very simple exercises, but for me it was mostly traction - they strap you onto a table and harness you in, then the table pulls apart. "The Rack" I did think about that, LOL, but it actually felt wonderful because it pulls the vertabrae apart so the disc can slip back into place. I had about 22 minutes of that twice a week. Also had electro-shock-massage-heat therapy.
It worked. I was worried for a while. But I have been taking it "easy" as I don't want to reinjure it.

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