Tracy Anderson


Has anyone tried her Dance Cardio workouts?

I used to dance and it seems like these would be really fun workouts.

I see that she has an instructional and then the actual workout part of the DVD.

What does everyone think of these workouts?

Any info would be great :)

TIA :)


I have one but have never actually used it. After discovering Cathe, I have decided not to venture out of the Cathe realm because there are certain things I really like about Cathe, as an instructor, that I feel I won't find elsewhere.

However, that being said. I have heard great things about Tracy Anderson - but I have also heard that her workouts are difficult re: the moves, esp. if you have never danced before. But since you have, I would say give it a shot! I think you can rent her DVDs on Amazon for like $2.99 to see if you like it.


I have used that video and it was fun, but it is super-duper high impact. If you are fine with that, then I think you could find it a fun departure from the more athletic style workouts. Time does fly if you like to dance, and it is very, very challenging. It takes several times to master, though, so be patient. Once you get the hang of it, it is a lot of fun.:D


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